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This is a form to create and publish an event on You will be notified by mail when we have published your event on ChattyMeals. You need to approve all your guests before they can join your event. Please have this in mind when you are planning the date and time for your event.
When filling the form, please use the same language you plan to use during the event. You need to sign up in order to be able to create an event.
You can sign up on by pressing button "Sign up".
E-mail to be used by us to communicate with you and your host. The e-mail provided is private and will never be published on the web site.
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Short intro about the topic of the event. Why do you choose this topic and what is the purpose of it. You should also mention what you want to achieve during the event and what are expectations are.
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The menu to be served during the event. Please write a short intro about all parts of the menu that you will serve including starter and dessert if there are any. Please specify all ingredients for each part of the menu to avoid food allergy problems
among your guests.
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Picture of your dish or picture to be used on ChattyMeals event page and Facebook event. See and
Unfortunately, there is no support to upload pictures using this form.
Please send your pictures to and specify your e-mail, your profile name, the date and the time of your event. An other alternative is to upload your picture to Photobucket, Flickr or imgur and provide the picture URL.
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The drinks you plan to serve during the event. Please specify if the event is alcohol-free or not. It is not allowed to sell alcohol during the event, but it is OK to offer it for free if you want. It is up to you to decide if the event is alcohol-free or not. It can depend on the topic or the kind of the quests you expect to attend the event. For examples see or
Enter the drinks you plan to serve during the event.
Event details
The details about the event
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Enter your address. We will just publish the name of the city and display an area on the
map matches your ZIP code. Your street number will be send to the guest when you accept the guest's request to join event. For an example see
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Cuisine style
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The language to use for communication during the event
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The type of meal you will serve
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Minimum number of seats
The minimum number of seats you require to organize the event.
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The maximum number of seats
The maximum number of seats you offer.
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Price per person
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House rules
The house rules that are valid for this event.
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