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- Does your organization face local or global challenges in healthcare, education, technology or security?
- Are you aware of a technology that could transform your industry but you don’t have time to explore it?
- Does your organization have long–range design problems that you don’t have the resources to solve yourself?
- What if you could hire graduates who are ready to start working on your top needs from day one?

JMU X-Labs collaborates with distinguished government and industry organizations that give multidisciplinary student teams real-world experience. We invite industry professionals who are eager to plug into our expanding programs to submit real problems to be included in our curriculum and apply to work directly with these exceptional students and faculty.

It's important to involve industry in our classes to keep the curriculum relevant and we count on your expertise to make that happen.

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We commonly tackle big challenges that can’t be fully addressed in a single semester, so we encourage you to think big. Examples: Smithsonian – Identify the next generation of tools that researchers need to answer critical habitat questions; U.S. Department of Homeland Security –Optimize the deployment speed of NATO nations; Counter foreign influence; Neutralize terrorist propaganda; PeaceTech Lab – Reduce violence using technology, media, and data
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