LegendsRP Chow On Mein Application
This is for the White listed Chow On Mein position. Only apply if you are interested in serious delivery/chef/wait staff Roleplay.

Chow on Mein is one of the more casual whitelisted positions within Legends BUT is still plays a vital part in how the city works. Chow in a lot of cases is the first contact for new players, and a favorite eating destination for many players. It's more than just, 'show up with food, and leave'. This is to make your interactions worthwhile and engaging with other players in a unique and fun way. This is also intended to be profitable for your time. It's ok to have a fun unique character - as long as you are mature, respectful, and willing to have good RP we will have a good time.

* You MUST be 17 years old or older.
* You MUST have a working microphone.
* You MUST have a valid drivers license.
* You SHOULD be capable of learning new things.
* You SHOULD have knowledge about the rules.
* You SHOULD not be banned/punished recently

*It is a 100 word MINIMUM requirement. You can go over 100 words. Do not go under. Your application will be denied*
What position are you applying for? *
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