POWER TO IDEA – the Accelerator Camp for New Energy Solutions
Energy transition is in full swing and the aim is clear: decarbonizing our energy system. Despite widespread agreement among citizens, politics and businesses that the way we supply energy needs to change, many questions remain unanswered. How (de)centralized can energy markets be? How do we electrify heat and transport? What is the contribution of technologies such as block chain or big data to future energy systems?

And: How can we pull it all off?

In order to realize energy transition, we need visionary ideas, which break with path dependencies. That is why Energieavantgarde Anhalt (www.energieavantgarde.de) calls for applications to the Accelerator Camp Power to Idea: between June 17th and July 7th 2017, young startups who want to profoundly change the markets for energy and mobility will receive intensive coaching and mentoring at the cradle of 20th century German design, the Bauhaus Dessau.

Energieavantgarde is a cooperation of citizens, local politics, businesses and organizations in the Anhalt region south of Berlin. Its goal is to establish a regional system for renewable energy. In order to achieve this, power and mobility have to come together. This requires new ideas, to be implemented by local energy providers an
d businesses – together with founders.

The Power to Idea Accelerator Camp – an opportunity for you?

“In order to best further the energy transition, of course we want to utilize the innovative potential of founders”, says Thies Schröder, head of the board of Energieavantgarde Anhalt. “We particularly care about how energy communities and economies will be organized in the future. We are very much looking forward to the startups and their ideas!”

Following all the basic information:

We are looking forward to reading about your groundbreaking ideas, meeting entrepreneurial spirit and meeting motivated founders. Make us believe in your vision and we will help your ideas take off! Please apply for our Accelerator Summer Camp 'Power to Idea' via the application mask below.

1. Our project: Power to Idea - Accelerator Summer Camp 2017

The Accelerator Summer Camp will take place in the World Cultural Heritage Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau. It is initiated by the Energieavantgarde: http://www.energieavantgarde.de/

2. These project partners are ready to support your startup:

- dynamis: https://www.dynamis-online.de/reallabor-energieavantgarde-anhalt/
- innogy Foundation: http://innogy-stiftung.com/
- 100 percent renewable foundation: http://100-prozent-erneuerbar.de/
- Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam: http://www.iass-potsdam.de/
- Gründerszene: http://www.gruenderszene.de/
- ignore gravity: https://www.ignore-gravity.com/

3. The timing of Power to Idea Summer Accelerator Camp:

- Application phase: March 16th to May 5th 2017
- Power to Idea Accelerator Summer Camp: June 17th to July 7th 2017

4. The Anhalt region faces many challenges. Perhaps you can help us conquer them? Here some of the main concerns:
- Emotional power: Which ideas turn energy transition into an experience?
- Clever energy: How do we create energy controlling and grids which utilize data more precisely and intelligently?
- Smart mobility: How will transport and traffic be organized in the future?
- Cool heat: Are there resource efficient and sustainable community solutions which make power to heat work for neighborhoods and beyond?
- Contracts and markets: Decentralized energy economies require new forms of organization: how do we realize civic and communal marketplaces?
- Trusted block chain: New forms of distributing energy are at the core of Energieavantgarde’s mission. Which solutions will gain future customers’ trust?

You see other challenges and got a solution? Apply as well! Every relevant idea is welcome in Anhalt!

5. Our Criteria:

Your startup should have ideas for a business model which has the potential to build decentralized market structures – or ideas on how to expand the current energy system to include new aspects. The application is open to early stage founders with an unusual business model as well as teams with a first idea.

6. What is in it for the startups?

a. Free room and board: startups will live at the NH Hotel Dessau (half board)

b. Stipend: Each team member will receive 1.200,00 € for the three weeks of the camp

c. A strong program: 3 weeks of acceleration with workshops and coaching*, keynotes, etc., access to the experience, abilities and the network of mentors** during the mentoring sessions. Development of pilot projects with partners from the regional network (energy providers, grid operators, public transport providers, universities…), interdisciplinary impulses and a culture program. Additionally, we plan to connect startups to businesses from the Anhalt region in order to realize pilot projects and validate business models.

d. Trophy: During Demo Day at the end of the three weeks, all participants will present their pitch decks to a jury, which will select the winner.

*Workshops & Coaching: Business Model Canvas, Digital Sales, Pitch Training & Pitch-Deck Development & Design, Marketing Strategy, Communication & Storytelling, Design Thinking, etc.

**Mentoring: Managers, entrepreneurs and experts from the areas energy, heat and mobility, successful startup founders, VCs, marketing & sales experts etc.

Important: Startups are not expected to give up any equity.

6. The application

Please note that all fields marked with a red asterisk must be filled out to complete the form and please make sure your browser is up to date! If you have any problems feel free to contact us via Patricia: schulz@dynamis-online.de
For more information about our program, please check the information on this website.
This form contains a few questions to get to know you better. Additionally, we ask you to send your pitch-deck containing the following information to powertoidea@energieavantgarde.de:

• Problem & Solution
• Product
• Vision
• Market Size
• Competition
• Business Model
• Team
• Why you want to join the program

We are looking forward to receiving your application and particularly welcome applications from teams with varied and diverse backgrounds!

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