Personal Photos Survey
Please answer questions regarding your experience and motivation for editing personal photos
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In what year were you born? *
How old are you? *
What kind of phone do you own and mostly use for taking photos? *
Which of the following changes have you made to photos in your personal collection? Select all that apply. *
How important is the photo library on your phone to your sense of the past? *
Not at all important
Very important
Do edited photos help you change your feelings about the past? *
Do you think that people can change the past by editing their photos? *
Did editing a photo or organizing your photo library ever help you process a painful memory? *
How likely are you to delete photos of people that are no longer in your life? *
Very likely
Very unlikely
If it was easy to do, how likely are you to remove someone no longer in your life from a photo? *
Very likely
Very unlikely
What have you done with photos of a past love (i.e. an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-spouse) that you are no longer with? Select all that apply. *
What have you done with photos of someone that was close to you, but is now deceased? Select all that apply. *
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