Shareholder Issue Tracker
Hey neighbor!

The Co-Op board is currently surveying all shareholders to see if there are any unresolved issues that need to be addressed, either in your apartment or the common area of the building.

To complete the form, you have 2 options:

1. Complete the form online by going to and clicking on the link for "Shareholder Issue Tracker Form".


2. Hand-write your responses on this paper and slip under the door for Apt 4H (Shir Moscovitz). PLEASE WRITE AS CLEARLY AND LEGIBLY AS POSSIBLE. ALL CAPS IS ALSO A GREAT OPTION :).

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at:

Thank you!

-Shir Moscovitz
Bainbridge House Board of Directors
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Does your UNRESOLVED issue(s) involve the following?
Please describe your issue(s) in detail, as well as the communication with Veritas Property Management.
Example: There was a leak from the bathroom ceiling on April 2, 2019. Issue was reported to Veritas but there was no response. The electrical socket in the bathroom stopped working, and needs to be replaced.
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Please use this space to provide any additional context or detail regarding UNRESOLVED issues in your apartment or the building.
Number of times issue(s) was reported
Example: 3
Dates issue(s) was reported
Example: Original email about the leak on 4/2/19. Followed up with phone call on 4/7/19. Followed up again on 4/15/19.
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