Aquatics Waiting List - Week of 11/23/2020
THIS IS A WAITING LIST. THIS IS NOT REGISTRATION FOR LAP OR AQUA FITNESS. This waitlist is for one week only and does not guarantee you a space.

THIS WAITLIST ONLY APPLIES TO SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS - cancellations given with 24 hours notice or more will be shown on the standard registration form only. Please see our lap swim policies below:

Lap Swim:
Designated times for swimming continuous laps or sets. Equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys, fins and fitness snorkels are permitted, but members must bring their own equipment. Pool noodles and face masks (SCUBA or snorkel masks) that cover the nose are not permitted.

Water Fitness:
Space is dedicated to members who want to perform aerobic exercises in the water. Participants must be prepared to workout by themselves; no instructor will be available. All participants must bring their own equipment. Water shoes are strongly recommended.

Submissions for Monday swims will close the previous Friday at 1:00pm. Registration for Tuesday-Saturday swims will close each day at 12:00 noon for the following day.

Members MUST have their membership card to enter. Swimmers more than 10 minutes late to their swim time may forfeit their space to someone on our waiting list. Swimmers who call ahead if they are running late will not be penalized. Swimmers who do not show up to their swim without notice will be barred from signing up for one(1) week. Cancellations can be made by emailing or by calling the YMCA during operating hours.

Depending on enrollment, swimmers will be expected to share a lane with one(1) other swimmer. For lap swimmers, One group of 6 swimmers will begin their swim in the shallow end, while the second group of 6 swimmers will begin their swim from the deep end. For Water Fitness there are 2 people permitted per lane - each person is responsible for social distancing during their swim time. Swimmers will be placed into lanes by ability to be determined by the Aquatics staff. All swimmers will still have individual spaces to place their belongings.

Please allow time ahead of your appointment for screening and any necessary paperwork. Please keep in mind, members will not be allowed into the building more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.

Please keep in mind the following:
1. Members must abide by all posted rules and signs in addition to the policies outlined below.
2. You must bring your own workout equipment. Equipment is not to be shared.
3. All activities at this time are for members aged 16 and up - no exceptions will be made. Only the designated activity (Lap or Solo Water Fitness)
4. Members will be subjected to a wellness screening & waiver upon arrival.
5. Face Masks that cover your mouth and nose are required to enter the building. Masks can be removed in the designated area. Masks are not to be worn while swimming. When swimmers have completed their swim, they will need to put their mask back on when they retrieve their belongings/enter the locker room.
6. Locker Room access is restricted. Members will be permitted to use the Men's and Women's locker rooms. Use of daily lockers is prohibited. Members are permitted to use their individual kit lockers. Members will be asked to place their belongings in the pool area in the space designated by the aquatics staff.
7. Swim times are as scheduled. No extra time will be given.
8.Once your swim time is done, please dry off and leave the pool area as quickly as possible. All swimmers are to exit through the locker rooms and leave the facility through the front doors. The pool area will need to be cleaned prior to allowing the next group in. Prolonged wait times to clear the pool area/locker room may result in the reduction of swim times and/or time slots in order to be able to effectively clean between groups.
9. Please maintain social distancing in the pool area. The pool deck will be one way during your visit to help facilitate social distancing.

Please email with any questions. Emails are checked periodically. Swimmers who do not show up to their swim without notice will be barred from signing up for one(1) week. Cancellations can be made by emailing or by calling the YMCA during operating hours.

Please be aware: due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control, your session may be cancelled.
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