Social Curriculum: Day 2 Activity
Whole staff activity focusing on Social Curriculum.
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Quiz Questions
Answer all of the following questions using and the Social Curriculum Handbook.
What page offers you a flow chart when you write a referral?
Who is the committee representative for your department? *
A student is continually late to my class, what can I do?
Which of the following examples are NOT an appropriate time to call SRT?
During a transition a student walks past you ignoring your request to put away their cell phone. What do you do?
What does F.A.C.T.S. stand for when you are writing a referral?
Using what are some interventions you can try and implement for a student that is being rude and disrespectful to you? (use the Help and Support Button)
What is an example of "Effective Praise?" Multiple answers are possible. (Page 9) *
What is a way you can personify HONOR, LOYALTY and TRUTH in your classroom (or current role)?
List what steps you take when you call SRT and they don't come.
What member of the support staff can assist with a student who has attendance issues? (page 31) *
What period do you NOT mark students tardy using Infinite Campus? (page 26) *
You haven't heard back about a referral you turned in. What can you do?
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