For Our Kids Member Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

The survey is confidential (unless you want to share your name). It’s hosted on our behalf by our partners Bloom Consulting, a team of equity-focused facilitators who will support us to learn from your critical input. 

The info will be reviewed by FOK’s Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion (JEDI) accelerator committee to lead them in the next steps of increasing FOK’s capacity and knowledge about the interconnection of climate change with social and racial justice. We will also share general, aggregate survey results with the network.

What’s the survey for?   

Our grassroots, parent-led local teams set the course for FOK. In 2022 conversations about social justice were formalized into a JEDI accelerator committee - read more about that process here

We’ve set ambitious goals and to move forward we need to learn more about the network’s membership: who you are, your many dimensions of diversity, and how you understand the connection between racial equity and climate action.  

Practically, this will provide a baseline for us to understand the diversity that exists within the For Our Kids network, and the impact of our actions into the future. More personally, we hope that raising these questions sparks reflection and curiosity about the interconnection of racial and climate justice, and our place in it. 

This is the first time we’re undertaking something like this in For Our Kids, and we want you to know our intention is to understand and support, not to judge or take offense. We’re asking these questions in the gentlest possible way, and will treat your responses the same way. If you have questions or feedback about the survey, we encourage you to email us at

Thank you for your critical participation.

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Knowing about who’s currently in our network is critical for determining a) how that diversity is reflected, and b) who is not here and ways we could be more inclusive.

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you identify, sharing all identities that feel relevant and that you are comfortable sharing.
How familiar are you with concepts of anti-racism/racial equity, justice, diversity and inclusion? *
How important is it to you to integrate racial equity in your climate action? *
How often do you think about racism or incorporate racial equity in your climate action? *
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