Welcome to the 2019 season for Lake Michigan Catholic’s Cross Country Team! This is the sign-up for both Varsity (9th-12th) and Middle School (6th-8th) Cross Country. Please complete the form below to add yourself to the roster and the team email list.

2019 Sign-ups Open: MAY 19th
Team syllabus release (via email): AUGUST 5th
First Varsity practice: AUGUST 12th
First Middle School practice: AUGUST 19th
Last day to join the team: AUGUST 31st

If you are new to Cross Country (XC), it is a running sport where competitors race outdoors over natural terrain. Every XC course is different, traversing grass, dirt/mud, gravel, hills, fields, and wooded trails. XC is scored as both an individual sport (based on a single runner’s finish) AND a team sport (composite score based on finishing places of the team’s runners). For the Varsity squad (9th-12th grade), all races are 5 km (~3.1 miles) in length. For the Middle School squad (6th-8th graders), races typically range between 1.5-2.0 miles in length, varying from course to course. The Varsity season runs from early August until the first weekend in November. The Middle School season runs from late August until late October.

VARSITY RUNNERS: Please note that the MHSAA has pushed the start of the Varsity's 2019 season 1 week later into August, but did not move the date of first competitions. Expect a meet at the end of Week 1. Use the summer to prepare yourself to race as soon as the season begins.

MIDDLE SCHOOL RUNNERS: New this season... MS runners who can demonstrate on the first day of practice (August 19th) that they have been working hard all summer and are ready to race will be entered in the Bridgman Invitational (3rd day of the MS season). For everyone else, the first competition will be the New Buffalo Invitational, our usual kick-off to MS competition.

Looking for a way to prepare for the XC season? Join LMC's Summer Racing Club (SRC)! You can sign-up for the SRC by going here: https://tinyurl.com/LMCSRC2018

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In the Fall of 2019, which will best describes you: *
For Fall 2019, LMC will be continuing the Co-Op partnership with Grace Christian School for Cross Country. Students at Grace Christian have the opportunity to join the Lakers' 2019 XC team.
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What grade will you be in on September 1, 2019?
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In-coming 6th Graders without a school-issued email address can type '6th Grade' and we will update the contact roster once your account has been created.
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Communication is key to a successful season, and that includes communication with both runners and their parents/guardians. Want more than one parent email added to the list? Provide them here.
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Which of the following BEST describes where you live? *
This question helps in scheduling team transportation. If we have a Saturday morning competition in Kalamazoo, it does not make sense to require runners living in Coloma to wake up extra early, drive south to LMC, only to then ride north for the meet.
Which statement best describes you this Fall? *
Why does this matter? All student-athletes engaging in more than one sport in the same season must declare which is primary, secondary, and so on. This ensures all the coaches, the Athletic Department, and the athletes all know where they are supposed to be on a given day. This question only applies to LAKER sports. Other activities and club sports will be covered in a bit.
Following up on your answer above, what are your LAKER sports this Fall? *
Mark all that apply. For this question, do not include club/travel/non-LMC sports teams in your response.
What extracurricular activities (drama, robotics, BBBS, job, dance, Tae Kwon Do, club/travel sports, etc) are you engaged in during the Cross Country season? *
This info helps the coach understand the demands on you, as well as helps when it comes time to submit athletes for awards. The XC season for Middle School is late-August through late-October. The Varsity season is mid-August through early-November. Basketball and Cross Country do not overlap.
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In addition to the Fall sports listed above, what other LAKER sports do you participate in throughout the year?
In addition to any mentioned above, what other activities are you engaged in throughout the year? *
This info helps the coach when it comes time to submit athletes for awards.
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What have you been doing, or are planning on doing, to prepare/condition yourself for the 2019 Cross Country Season? *
Once the season starts, the Varsity will be running 6 days per week, and typically covers 21-28 miles (or more) each week. The Middle School runs 5-6 days per week, typically covering 10-20 miles each week. Showing up for the first day of practice without preparing your body will be a shock to your system.
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What organized races did you run, or do you plan to run, over the summer to prepare for the Cross Country season? *
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Are you signed up for LMC's Summer Racing Club? *
LMC's Summer Racing Club is separate from Laker Cross Country and Track teams. It is a virtual group that competes online from June 10th - August 18th. No meetings. Run, bike, swim, and/or paddle when you want, where you want, and with who whomever you want. Enter your distance totals online each week and see how you compare stack up with the rest of the group. Open to all LMC students (PK3 - 12th grade), alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, and staff. Click here to join: https://tinyurl.com/19SRC
What training aides, tools, or apps do you use to train for Cross Country? *
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At an individual level, what do you want to achieve this season? *
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At the team level, what do you want to achieve this season? *
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Is there anything else that you think the coach needs to know about you in order to better help you be at your best? *
Preferred learning style, past injuries/pre-existing conditions, allergies, favorite practice activities, additional demands on your time, etc.
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Will your sports physical form for the 2019-2020 academic year be received, reviewed, and approved by Mrs. Deaton in the Athletic Department office BEFORE you arrive on the first day of practice? *
All participants in high school and middle school athletics are required to have a current sports physical on file with the Athletic Department. Handing a form to Coach at practice does not count as 'on file with the Athletic Department.' Forms need to be received, reviewed, and approved by Mrs. Deaton. She will send a list of cleared student-athletes to the coaches. Please be aware Mrs. Deaton is out of the office every year during the month of July. Also, XC practices during the first two weeks of the season start before LMC's Athletic Department office opens for business each day.
VARSITY RUNNERS (9th-12th grade): Would you like to be considered for selection as a Team Captain for the 2019 season? *
Captains are selected by the head coach based on their demonstration of leadership, as well as commitment to the team, the program, and their teammates. Captains must be a member of the Varsity squad. Speed/athletic performance is not a factor in the selection of captains for the XC team. 2019 team captains will be announced before our first competition.
RETURNING XC RUNNERS: Which of our standard practice routes is your favorite?
Basic Beach Route? Ice Rink Run? Jean Klock Super Loop? North Shore Run? etc...
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RETURNING XC RUNNERS: Which of Special Practices is your favorite?
'Stache Dash? Color Run? Selfie Scavenger Hunt? Super Spy Challenge? Monster Mash? Drenched Run? etc...
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VARSITY RUNNERS (9th-12th grade): In addition to the official team photo organized by the school, would you like to have an unofficial team photo shoot again this season? *
We have done this every season starting in 2015, and every time the team opted to be at the beach around sunset. We will only do a 2019 photo shoot if 100% of the Varsity Captains are in agreement. The question is being asked in the preseason to inform the captains of the Varsity's feelings and so that, if all are in favor of doing it, we can get on the photographer's schedule when it is still warm outside. If you are new to the team, there is zero cost to the families; the photographer donates her time, and gives each runner of their images for free.
CLASS OF 2020 (SENIORS): What do you plan to do after graduation?
Are you planning on going to college? Where? What are you planning on majoring in? Are you preparing for a specific career? (This info helps the coach when submitting you for awards)
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