SAIEE Member Survey 2021
As a Voluntary Association recognised by ECSA, the SAIEE's purpose is to enhance Electrical Engineering's practice in South Africa and its members' stature through knowledge, networking, influence, education, and communication. Established in 1909, the SAIEE has been around for over 110 years. To this end, we would like you to share your opinions and thoughts so that they can be considered going into the next 110 years.
- Deadline for submission: 30 April 2021
What made you join the SAIEE? *
What represents the most value to you out of your membership of SAIEE? (a. Membership suffix title b. CPD c. Webinars d. Wattnow magazine e. Centre activity f. Other - elaborate) *
Are we delivering on our purpose/mandate? *
What are we doing well as the SAIEE? *
What are we doing not so well as the SAIEE? *
How can we improve the SAIEE? *
What can you do to improve the SAIEE? *
As a member, in what ways are you willing to contribute your expertise to the SAIEE? *
Did you register and update your personal online SAIEE member profile? *
How often do you visit the Events calendar or wattnow online resources? *
If you have terminated your membership or are considering doing so, what are your reason/s? *
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