Angelic Harp Contract
Contract for Musical Performance
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This contract between the undersigned parties shall be construed as the terms used herein would
commonly be understood and shall be interpreted in accordance with all laws of the jurisdiction.
Terms of Performance
Contract for Musical Performance
Kristal Schwartz Barlaan
17791 McKinnon Dr.
Saratoga, CA 95070
Phone: (408) 316-3365



A musical performance on *
Date, Month and Year
Kristal Barlaan, "Artist" will provide, "Purchaser" *
Your Name
The Event Begins *
Time of event on invitation
The Performance Begins *
Time of prelude or special event music (15-30 mins prior to event)
The Performer Will Arrive *
*30 mins prior to prelude or start of music
Performance Will Last - Total Playing Time *
Number of musical hours - total playing time
Terms of Payment
The purchaser will pay Artist:
Background/ Cocktail Music hourly rate (1 hour of music). $395.00 ($200 each additional hour)


Wedding Ceremony Basic: $495.00 (2 hours of time)
Premium Package $675 (3 hours of time)
Deluxe Package $850.00 (4 hours of time)
1. A flat Rate of Selected Package
2. Or Total price of hours - Time of arrival to time of departure
Background/ Cocktail Music hourly rate $395.00 first hour and $200 each additional hour from arrival to departure.
Purchaser will pay $200 each additional an hour for every hour beyond those specified in the terms of performance paragraph *
3. Additional Charges:
Additional information or special requests
4. Subtotal *
Deposit *
50% of total due upon signing
Balance Due *
One week prior to event
Terms of Payment
5. Purchaser shall pay a travel charge of $.85 per mile for every mile over ten miles from
Artist’s residence (San Jose, CA 95070) to the place of performance specified in Terms of
Performance, paragraph Three. This charge shall be assessed for distance traveled to and from
the performance.
6. The hours specified in Terms of Payment, paragraph One, shall include thirty minutes
for Artist to set up before the performance is scheduled to begin.
7. The deposit specified in Terms of Payment, paragraph Three, is nonrefundable.
8. The amount owed under this contract, under Terms of Payment, paragraphs One, Two,
Four, and Seven, shall be payable two weeks (fourteen days) before performance or
immediately upon arrival of Artist. If paid upon arrival, payment must be in cash only.
9. If this performance is cancelled within one week (seven days) prior to the performance,
the full amount specified in Terms of Payment, paragraph One, shall be immediately due and
owing from Purchaser to Artist.
10. If payment is not made at time owing, Purchaser shall be assessed a late charge of ten
percent of the total amount owed per day, for every day payment is overdue for a period of one
11. At the expiration of one month, Purchaser shall be assessed interest at the rate of one
and one half percent per month, or the maximum rate allowable by law, whichever is greater,
until the amount is paid.
12. At the expiration of one month, if Purchaser has not paid the full amount owing, Artist
shall have the right to pursue all available legal recourse to recover the amount owed.
Purchaser agrees to pay all legal costs and attorney’s fees.
Terms of Performance
Terms of Performance Conditions
1. Artist shall be provided with a space of at least six feet by five feet for her performance.
2. If the performance is located outdoors, this space must be fully shaded with no sun on
the harp at any time. This space shall be completely flat and level. Purcher must be confirm
this with a. The harp must be balanced on the Artist’s shoulder, and its ability to balance is
dependant upon the ground being perfectly level.
3. The space provided for Artist must have a floor of wood or concrete. The harp will not
be put directly on grass, sand, dirt, gravel or any surface that might be damp.
4. Artist cannot play outdoors if it is raining, sprinkling, overcast, or threatening to rain.
5. No other music shall be performed or played within the audible vicinity of Artist during
6. Artist must be provided with suitable lighting to read music.
7. Artist is permitted a break of up to ten minutes during every hour of performance.
8. Assistance shall be provided for the loading and unloading of Artist’s harp and for the
setup of Artist’s performance area.
9. Artist retains the right to decline to perform if the terms specified in this section, Terms
of Performance Conditions, are not met. If Artist declines to perform, Purchaser agrees to pay
the amount specified under Terms of Payment, paragraphs One and Two.
10. If any of the terms specified in this section are not met, the Artist may at her sole
discretion agree to perform, but an additional
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Identification: *
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Signed by: Kristal Schwartz Barlaan
Angelic Harp
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