PG Valor Game Day Booklet Ad Form
This magazine-quality booklet is designed to serve as an infotainment keepsake for PG Valor’s home game attendees. It’s intended to either introduce or enhance attendees experience of our games and participants experience of our organization.

Each issues will be a full color, magazine quality booklet mirrored after the theme night that night’s game. We intend to distribute 500 free copies at our home games, handed out at entry; at events and the booklets will be available on our website post game until next season. Achieved copies will be available upon request.

Will also be available through and possibly other media outlets as we deem a good fit.

Must be print/camera ready. Do not sent native files. First come…first served

Requesting an investment of only (per ad):

Location Dimensions Dimensions with Bleed Price
Inside Front Cover Trim: 11Hx8.5W w/Bleed: 11.25Hx8.75W $150.00
Inside Back Cover Trim: 11Hx8.5W w/Bleed: 11.25Hx8.75W $150.00
Outside Back Cover Trim: 11Hx8.5W w/Bleed: 11.25Hx8.75W $200.00
Full Page Trim: 11Hx8.5W w/Bleed: 11.25Hx8.75W $100.00
Half Page Trim: 5.5Hx8.5W w/Bleed: 5.75Hx8.75W $50.00
Quarter Page Trim: 5.5Hx4.25W w/Bleed: 5.75Hx4.5W $35.00
1/8th Business Card Trim: 2.25Hx2.175W w/Bleed 2.5Hx2.375W $20.00
Text only Listing Size 12 font and (up to 30) words $10.00
Individual Name Size 12 font and (up to 3) words $5.00

Game 1: Opening Night/Pep Rally
Space Reservation: 9/27 Artwork: 10/4

Game 2: Super Hero/ Military and First Responder Appreciation/Pre-Veterans Day Celebration
Space Reservation: 10/4 Artwork: 10/11

Game 3: Faith and Family
Space Reservation: 10/11 Artwork: 10/18

Game 4:Youth in Sports
Space Reservation: 10/18 Artwork: 10/25

Game 5: Old School vs New Skool
Space Reservation: 11/8 Artwork: 11/15

Game 6:International Night
Space Reservation: 11/15 Artwork: 11/22

Game 7: Greek and Education
Space Reservation: 12/13 Artwork: 12/20

Game 8: Health and Fitness/Game
Space Reservation: 12/20 Artwork: 1/3

Game 9: Women in Sports and Leadership
Space Reservation: 1/3 Artwork: 1/10
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