Farm Volunteer Agreement
The purpose of our growing sites is to create communal farms where volunteers work the land together, celebrate community, and hopefully give the food away to organizations that can best distribute it to those in need. Volunteering at our sites may not necessarily result in food going directly to the volunteer.

The Hurley Street Neighborhood Farm is on private property and the Riverside Press Park site is on City of Cambridge property. Use of these spaces is at the consent and agreement of the property owners and may change at any time and without notice. Further, Green Cambridge may end any ongoing volunteer projects at any time.

Green Cambridge has been allowed use of the spaces by the property owners for the purposes of growing vegetables in the raised beds, holding scheduled workshops for adults, workshops for children, holding short tours, and potentially other events.

Green Cambridge has tried to create a safe space for all members of the public. Anyone at the Farm other than the owners and paid Green Cambridge staff will be classified as a volunteer.

Strictly prohibited from the growing spaces: weapons of any kind, open flame of any kind, loud noises, poor behavior, running, hazardous materials or substances of any kind including non-organic fertilizers or pesticides. Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times, and the volunteer agrees that normal farm activities may result in injury. All children under 18 must remain in direct supervision of parents or adult delegated by the parent. As a volunteer, you agree to not hold the property owners or Green Cambridge responsible for any injury you may incur while at the farms.

Like most soil in Cambridge, there is lead contamination higher than EPA and Mass DEP guidelines for human contact present at the Hurley Street location. It is unknown the levels at the Riverside Press farm but assumed to be the same as all public parks in the city. Green Cambridge has diligently attempted to cover all existing soil with some combination of landscape fabric, new soil, raised beds, mulch, and gravel as is stated in EPA/DEP best practices. However, we cannot guarantee that all contaminated soil is covered. Public use of the Farm should be restricted to the raised beds and adjacent areas. Volunteers are highly encouraged to wear gloves, wash their hands thoroughly after touching soil, and wash all produce from the Farm. Children, especially those under the age of 6, should not be allowed to dig in any of the soil outside of the raised beds. Further, they should not touch any soil outside of the raised beds or paths between the beds.

The Farms will be open to the public at scheduled times during the week as posted on our website at and on our Facebook page. Green Cambridge will provide a volunteer coordinator during these times. Volunteers must check in with the coordinator when arriving. Public use is not permitted outside of these time periods without explicit permission from Green Cambridge or the property owners.

Green Cambridge may provide gloves and other gardening supplies but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own for personal use. Neither Green Cambridge nor the property owners will be responsible for lost or stolen property. Bathroom facilities are not explicitly provided. Water from any rain tanks is not potable and should not be used for anything other than watering the plants.

By signing this waiver you also acknowledge that you have been made aware by Green Cambridge of the active beehive at the Hurley Street location, and have taken the necessary steps to prepare for the risks of being on the premises based on your own personal medical conditions, including bringing an epinephrine pen in cases of severe allergy.
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