CTA Station request form
Howdy! This is a form to build CTA stations that are near to or in your build. Please don't put any inappropriate words or names. Please also add Verros, iceberg76, Abitcat, iNerd71, marting11 and Challenger2 to your region or make a parent priority region for the station so we can have build access to the station like putting up signs. Thank you!
which line would you like your station on *
if you chose other, what color. cant be pre existing color. if we can make a pre-existing color connect up to your station, well tell you.
how do you want contacted? *
If you said mail, can I have your Minecraft username? (Required if you answered mail.)
If you said forums, can I have your forums username? (Required if you answered forums.)
If you said discord, can we have you discord username and tag? (required if you answered discord)
What will the name of the Station be? (If another Station has the same name, I will contact you.)
if you want to give feedback, how would you rate the cta right now?
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