Spectre Fleet 3v3 Cruiser Carnage
Hello nerds! SF is bringing back tournaments in style, coming in with a 3v3 cruiser format on July the 23rd (A sunday) at 20:00, with isk prizes and a neat little gruesome prize for the top team.

A few pointers and rules:
- No doubles or triples (Only one of each ship)
- No T2, T3, navy or pirate cruisers.
- No ECM. This includes ECM drones. Other ewar (tracking disruptors, damps, etc) is fine.
- T1/Faction/T2 Drones only. No augmented/gecko.
- No Storyline/Faction/Deadspace/Officer mods.
- The arena has a radius of 25km from the center, for a total of 50km diameter. Passing it will mean execution by the tournament manament.
- Bookmarks will be handed out. Warpins can be between 0 and 20km from the center.
- Implants and drugs are NOT allowed. Pilots will be required to screenshot and show their cargohold and active effects before the match starts.
- XLASB's are NOT allowed. Fitting more than 1 shield booster or armor repairer is NOT allowed.
- T2 Rigs are NOT allowed.
- T2 remote armor or shield modules are not allowed.
- Only 1 logistics ship is allowed (No aug + Exeq for example.)
- Remote repairs/capacitor is only allowed on a logistics hull.

These rules are still up for changes. If you have any useful insight or feedback on these rules, feel free to contact me.
FYI: The tournament will take place in highsec. Wardecs/Sec status are your own problem <3

If you want to donate any extra prizes, or have any questions, PM me on discord, or mail/convo me ingame!
- Virion(edited)

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