IEEE TALE 2018 - VR/AR Showcase Proposal Form
A limited amount of space is available at the venue of the IEEE TALE 2018 conference ( in Wollongong, Australia for individuals or teams wishing to showcase their VR/AR projects in conjunction with the Special Track on XR and Immersive Learning Environments ( that is being organised in cooperation with the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN at

A station will be allocated to each project for the duration of the Showcase, and conference attendees will be encouraged to visit the stations to view/experience the projects. Showcase presenters must register for and attend the conference, and must be prepared to bring along to the conference venue their own hardware and any other equipment that is required for their demo. They will be responsible for setting up and tearing down their stations, and are expected not only to be present at their stations to run their demos and interact with visitors during the Showcase, but also to participate in other presentations/sessions that are part of the Special Track.

Prospective showcase presenters should complete this form no later than 1 November 2018, and they will be notified of the outcome by 8 October 2018. The VR/AR Showcase will take place on either 5 December.

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If the proposal is accepted, will at least one contributor pay for a registration and attend the conference to showcase the project? *
The VR/AR Showcase will take place on 5 December. Details of registration fees can be found at .
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