2020 NC Farm School Northern Piedmont Application
This school will be located at Person County Extension Center, 304 S. Morgan St., Roxboro, NC 27573. Applications will be reviewed monthly and responses will be sent at that time. Questions regarding applications or application status can be sent to Paul Westfall, paul_westfall@ncsu.edu.
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Karl *
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Shady Grove Rd., Providence, NC *
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If you answered yes, please list the organization(s) you are involved with that teach farmers business and production skills:
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If you answered yes, how many acres? *
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Hay, Peonies, mushrooms, wildlife food plots *
(Example: Vegetables- tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers or sheep, chickens, and small Fruit)
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We would like to preserve the land & farm for our current & next generation, earn some income through existing hay & forest resources, and develop some production of products that would be profitable in 3-5 years to sustain one household. *
(Example: I would like to preserve my land as a farm for the next generation, earn enough income to pay the expenses of ownership of my farm/land, and I would like to have a profitable enterprise that could pay one house hold salary in the next three to five years)
List any formal training you have had in agricultural business or agricultural production: *
List previous work experience that might assist you in farm business ownership: *
Equipment will be purchased to maintain the land & farm. Buildings already exist on the land for storage & shop. *
(Example: Trucks, Tractors, Greenhouses, Irrigation System, Wells, Fencing, Shelters, Barns, Equipment Shop)
No *
If yes please list the programs/services from the Cooperative Extension Service you participated in:
The extension website.
I understand this information was collected to help me begin my business process and will not be used to discriminate based on my resources, needs, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, age, education or disability. I wish to become a participant in the NC Farm School program. If accepted, I agree to complete the NC Farm School by attending at least 6 of the 8 classes. I will work to complete as much of my business plan as possible with the help of guiding professionals. I agree to pay $599 for a two person registration or $399 for a single registration. Notification of acceptance will be sent out once a month up until January 10th or until registration is full. Checks must be mailed to 304 S. Morgan St., Room 123, Roxboro, NC 27573 within 20 days AFTER receiving notice of acceptance in order to secure a spot in the 2020 NCFS Northern Piedmont program. PLEASE make checks out to Person County Cooperative Extension. *
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