Beacons Parent Workshops: RSVP Form
Dear Workshop Attendee:

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming parent training workshop. We look forward to working with you!

Please complete this form to RSVP and also to share a little information about your journey, questions and circumstances so that we can try to address these items during the workshop.

1. COST: $150
If you have a family member who is a San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) consumer, please speak to your service coordinator to get approval for payment. The SDRC will fund up to $200 a fiscal year for families to attend training conferences and workshops. (Fiscal year is July 1 - June 31).

* Once you have the approval from your service coordinator, please send us a copy for our records. Thank you

• Food: We will provide light snacks and beverages, but not lunch. During the lunch break, we will have a Q & A session so you may want to bring a lunch with you. We also have a café on site -- The French Delights -- in case you would like to purchase something from there.
• Materials: We will be sharing materials to take with you to help you plan, but you may wish to bring a copy of your IPP and ITP to discuss during the breakout sessions for more tailored assistance.

For information on the presenters, please visit our "About Us" website to see the information provided on the presenters. Please know that the information on that page is a summary only, but the presenters "live" the journey too and hope to help you as best they can. If you have any more questions or want more information about the presenters' backgrounds, please let us know.

There is limited parking on site. If you are unable to find a parking space, there is usually ample free street parking available on Corte de la Pina (see map below).

If you wish to submit your child's ITP or IPP to us by the RSVP date in the flyer, we may use it as an example to discuss particular items, which could in turn help you learn some specifics on what to do or avoid. If you are willing to share your child's ITP or IPP, please email it to: (any names included will be blocked out on materials used in the presentation).

Thank you!

The Beacons Team
Telephone: 760-448-6230

Email address *
PAYMENT: How will you be paying for this workshop? *
SDRC CONSUMER: How old is the SDRC consumer in your family (please list all ages if more than one consumer). *
STATUS OF SDRC CONSUMER: Please share a little about the status of the family member who is the SDRC consumer (if applicable) *
QUESTIONS: What specific questions or concerns would you like addressed in this presentation?
EXPECTATIONS: What types of things do you want to leave this presentation with in terms of your future planning for your child?
MISC.: If there is anything you would like to share with us before the presentation or ask before the presentation, please share it here. Thank you!
ALLERGIES: We will be providing light snacks and beverages. If you have any allergies we should take into consideration regarding foods or drinks, please list them here. Thank you!
ACCOMMODATIONS: If you need any accommodations to participate, please list them here. Thank you!
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