Technology Agreement 2024-2025
Heritage Elementary has made a passionate commitment to technology and 21st century skills for our students.  Heritage is one of a handful of schools providing a device for every student to use as a learning tool.  This is referred to as 1-to-1 or 1-to-the world because it allows our students access to resources beyond the walls of the traditional school environment.  Students in second grade through sixth grade are provided with Chromebooks, students in kindergarten and first grade are provided iPads

Students will be allowed to access the Internet using their district credentials (Google single sign-on). This wireless connection will continue to have safeguards to ensure that inappropriate Internet content and sites are blocked.  Teachers will be presenting lessons in digital citizenship with their students which emphasizes online safety and protecting their digital footprint.  Please review Digital Safety and Citizenship with your student.  Common Sense Media has numerous resources for parents.  In addition to district approved content, your child/children may use a variety of instructional websites and applications.   These tools have been vetted and approved by the school administration because of the learning opportunities they provide. Each of these resources offers students the opportunity to share their knowledge and understanding of a topic in a variety of ways including photos, drawing, text and recorded voice. These tools allow us to teach and reinforce reading skills, math skills, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  A list of all supplemental content can be found Heritage website the Learning At Heritage page under the Our School tab.  

Students using devices/technology are held to the same standards used for any other tool as set in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, which they sign annually during Express Check-In.
• Students follow acceptable conduct with and without technology
• Students follow policy for anti-Bullying which includes cyberbullying
• Students follow  policy for  "Student Use of District Information Technology"

*It is the student's responsibility to avoid damage to their Chromebook/iPAD*

In order to maintain the 1-to-1 ratio of devices at Heritage, we rely on students to be responsible users.  If your student is careless with their device and it results in damage they will be provided a loaner while it is being repaired.  If they have another issue requiring repair they will not be given a loaner but will need to use one of the shared classroom devices.  Students are welcome to bring in personally owned devices if preferred.
Your student is required to maintain their device in good condition, reasonable wear and tear expected.  You will take full responsibility for any damage of any nature or cause whatsoever to their device and will reimburse DCSD in full for the cost to repair or complete replacement of said equipment if it is damaged or destroyed while in possession.  Whether said equipment should be repaired or replaced and the cost of such repair or replacement will be at DCSD sole discretion.  If your student leaves Heritage for any reason, you are required to return said equipment to the school office or DCSD IT.

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