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Thank you for your interest applying to the Denton Community Market. Please take time to read all guidelines and fill out the applications completely.

Denton Community Market Applicants are required to read the 2019 Vendor Handbook found at:

All vendors must read the 2019 Vendor Handbook and sign all forms. By submitting this application you agree to the Denton Community Market rules, guidelines, and requirements stated in the 2019 Vendor Handbook.

Please take time to review the Vendor Handbook and prepare for the Vendor Application. We are happy you are interested in joining our Market, and want to learn about you and your products!

If you need any assistance regarding the application, please contact Vendor Coordinator, Rachel Weaver:


Read all Rules & Requirements in the 2019 Vendor Handbook:
The Denton Community Market is a producer-only market. A producer-only market is defined as a market in which all items sold/offered are grown/produced by the producer of the product.

The Denton Community Market is a local market. Only products created within a 100-mile radius of Denton are allowed for sale. *Limited exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis for agricultural products that are not available locally. See ‘Agricultural Producers & Farmers’ section of the handbook for more info.

Resell of items is not allowed.
Distributor products like Scentsy, Origami Owl, It Works, etc. are not allowed. *Hemp* products and related items are not allowed.

The Market does not allow the sale of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or other hazardous items (determined on a case by case basis).

Items with purchased elements must be “significantly transformed” from their original state to be eligible for sale at Market. The Denton Community Market strongly discourages the use of “base” ingredients in products such as food, soap, and candles, and “ready-made” kits in products such as art, jewelry, and craft items. Preference will be given to vendors that do not use these methods.

All vendors with taxable items must have a valid Texas Sales Tax ID number to participate in the Market. Texas Sales Tax information is found at:

Food Vendors (Food Trucks, Cottage Foods, Prepared Foods, Eggs & Meats, Beverages) require proper City of Denton Health Permits and/or Food Handlers permits. Consumer Health permit information is found at:

The Market will review vendor applications based upon product type, current number of vendors selling similar products, and product quality. With the exception of agricultural products, the Market strives to have no more than 3 vendors selling very similar items, and some food products may be limited to 1 vendor. This is determined on a case-by-case basis by Market staff. Uniqueness of vendor items and proof of Vendor Liability Insurance will be considered in vendor approval decisions.
On the application, Vendors will be asked to provide estimated weekly quantities of items to be sold at the Market. This is not expected to be exact counts or a weekly inventory, but estimates, i.e. whether one or two, tens, or hundreds of items. This is to provide more detailed information to staff when accepting new vendors selling similar or the same items. Exceptions: Produce, Food Trucks & Ready-to-Eat Food Vendors.



Vendor applications are accepted throughout the market season.
After October 15, 2019, new vendor applications will not be accepted into the regular Market season, but vendors may apply for the November 30th Holiday Market with Special One Day Fee Requirements (see 2019 Vendor Handbook).

All Applicants are required to submit a $25 Application Fee.
Pay Online:

Holiday Market Non-Member Market Vendors:
November 30th, 9 AM - 3 PM Holiday Market
One Time 10x10 Foot Booth Space Day Fee: $175
Must meet all other Market Vendor Criteria

For Regular Market Vendors:
If the Vendor Application is accepted by the Denton Community Market, then the $25 Application Fee will be applied toward the Vendor Membership Fee.
- Market Vendors will have $25 applied toward the $125 Membership Fee.
- Agricultural Producers will have $25 applied toward the $90 Membership Fee.
- Or $20 applied to the $20 Membership Fee and $5 toward their first Market day fee ($15). See Agricultural Producers/Farmers section of the 2019 Vendor Handbook for details.
- Agricultural Collectives will have each Member’s $25 Application Fee applied toward the $180 Collective Membership Fee.

The Vendor Application Review Process may take 1 – 3 weeks during the Market season.

Applicants will receive notification from the Vendor Coordinator if their application is accepted or denied.

Membership in the Denton Community Market is a one-time seasonal membership fee for all accepted vendors in the Market. The Membership Fee is separate from the Daily Booth Fees.

Membership in the Denton Community Market (DCM) provides access to:
- Attend the Denton Community Market outdoor Market Season
- Vendor Meetings and voting in the organization
- Community workshops and seminars
- Special events organized by members of the DCM

Once accepted as a vendor in the Market, the vendor membership fee should be paid online in advance through the online Square Reader. No cash will be accepted for market fees.

The annual Denton Community Market Membership Fee is $125.

Pay Online:

The membership fee is due within 14 days of Vendor acceptance to retain Vendor position at the Denton Community Market. If the membership fee is not paid within 14 days of application acceptance, then the vendor may lose their vendor position in their category, be moved to a waitlist, and no longer receive Market emails.

The membership fee is not pro-rated if a member joins the Market in the middle or end of the season. The membership fee is not refunded if a vendor is removed from DCM member status.

The daily vendor booth fee is $15 per 10x10 sq. ft. space for all vendors in the Market, with the exception of Agricultural Producers + Farmers, and Food Trucks. Food Trucks submit one $15 booth fee per Truck for their attendance. Agricultural Producers have 2 Membership Fee/Booth Fee options. See Agricultural Producers’ section in the 2019 Vendor Handbook for info and rates.

The Market Day Fee must be paid in advance. Vendors may submit payment in advance for multiple months or weeks, or on a weekly basis. Submitting payment on a weekly basis is subject to the Late Fee Policy in the 2019 Vendor Handbook.


All Member Vendors are required to complete at least one Market Vendor Training session via online video with Denton Community Market Staff. The online training will include:
• Market Requirements
• Vendor Handbook Review
• Market Days
• Safety Tips
• Severe Weather Days

Online Training Video and Quiz is sent to accepted Vendors. The Training Quiz is required to be completed by one representative from the approved business before your first Market day. Returning Vendors from 2018 that completed training do not need to complete training in 2019.


Denton Community Market Applicants are required to read the 2019 Vendor Handbook found at:

All vendors must read the 2019 Vendor Handbook and sign all forms. By submitting this application you agree to the Denton Community Market rules, guidelines, and requirements stated in the 2019 Vendor Handbook.


If you are a local business, community group, non-profit organization, or other interested vendor that is not producer-only, then you need to submit the Local Business/Organization Vendor Application.


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