Bad Girls Collective | Chapter Application
Want to rally together a gang of Bad Girls and bring the magic of our our book club to your town? We are excited to invite you to apply to launch your own Bad Girls Chapter. Simply fill out this form and we will follow-up with a virtual chat to discuss further.

Some requirements to consider before you dive in:

+ you are required  to commit to one year of events in your town
+ running a Bad Girls book club event is a magical experience but does involve some hustle. You will be required to secure venue/food & bev/local sponsors and marketing to help the book club glow
+ time commitment is estimated at approximately 10 hours/ month

Please only take the time time apply if you have serious interest.

Bad Girls' Chapter Founders have the benefit of growing an amazing community of smart and well-read women, helping them meaningfully connect with one another each month. Hosts also have the opportunity to chat with authors, receive free advanced reading copies of books that aren't out yet, and more. This is a paid opportunity —Bad Girls Collective splits ticket revenue with Chapter Directors. Join the gang.
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*Responsibilities include: Reading the book, finding a venue, setting up an RSVP list, finding snacks/drinks sponsors (optional), finding a moderator, promoting the Read, and communicating with Bad Girls HQ.
What is your favourite book(s)? *
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What local charities would you contribute to with a % of your event proceeds?  Why?
We highly recommend having a partner or team to organize these events. Tell us about the partner or team you will be working with.
Describe your dream Bad Girls' launch Read *
Book and author, moderator, eats & drinks, sponsors etc. Paint us a picture.
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