Ros Wright Webinar ~ Empathy: Examining this key relationship building skill and making it stick

An ability to demonstrate effective relationship building skills, especially empathy is essential to successful communication in the healthcare environment. In fact it is the cornerstone of person-centred care. However, learners often struggle to demonstrate it effectively. Ros will first consider the nature of empathy and its positive impacts on patient care before providing ways to help develop this skill in English. A clinical communications model for demonstrating empathy will be presented, with focus given to both verbal and non-verbal expression. Finally, she will invite discussion on adaptation of this model for learners from other professions.

TESOL France is running this webinar/workshop as the 5th installment to our year-long Social Justice and Equality webinar series. Jointly organized with TESOL France Bordeaux.

When: 2pm (CEST) Saturday 22 May 2021
Where: Zoom link will be sent via email once registration is completed.

Who: Ros Wright

Ros Wright is author of several titles in the field of medical English. Her most recent is OET Speaking & Writing Skills Builder (Express Publishing, 2020) designed to help candidates prepare for the Occupational English Test (OET). A former President of TESOL France, Ros is currently a Trustee of IATEFL.

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