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Arlington Height School District 25 middle school students will be using Chromebooks to support their learning. With each student having his or her own device readily available, teachers plan with this in mind and incorporate technology into their lessons, activities, and assignments. Students use their Chromebooks to connect to the information and systems needed while at school. The Chromebook itself does not give specific access to their assignments or resources they use at school, any device that connects to the Internet will give them the same access. Internet-connected devices such as desktop computers, laptops or tablets, should give your student the ability to access a majority of the same resources they use during the school day.

To ensure that you and your student have a successful experience, please read each of the items below carefully.

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ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: The use of the Chromebook should be for an educational purpose. Inappropriate use of the Chromebook may result in school consequences or the restriction of using certain services or devices. All aspects of the district Acceptable Use Policy applies to when the student is using the device at home. *
CARE OF THE DEVICES: The student is responsible for the care of the Chromebook issued from the district and should report any issues (damage, not working, etc.) to his or her teacher or building technology team as soon as possible. A student should not try and repair the Chromebook including opening up the device. Additional care instructions and procedures have been provided to students at school including this information two-minute video - Taking Care of Your Chromebook Video *
INSURANCE, DAMAGE, & REPAIRS: AHSD25 is once again partnering with One2One Risk Solutions to provide accident protection for our school’s one to one program. Registering with One2One and purchasing a damage waiver will protect you from the full cost to repair or replace your district-issued device and limit your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible outlined below, should a loss occur (see costs below). In case of accidental damage or needed repairs, a loaner Chromebook will be available and the student becomes responsible for that device until the original device is returned to the student. *
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One2One Risk Solutions
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INTENTIONALLY DAMAGED OR LOST CHROMEBOOKS: A Chromebook or any of its accessories that are lost (whereabouts unknown) or intentionally damaged is the responsibility of the student and parent involved in the loss of property. The user will not be given another device or accessory to use until the replacement cost of the lost/damaged device or accessory is paid to the school. *
CHROMEBOOK TRANSPORTATION: When transporting the Chromebook, it should always be in the carry case. Books should not be stacked on top of the carrying case. When storing the Chromebook in the hallway locker, always hang the Chromebook bag from the hooks so that nothing is resting on the Chromebook. The Chromebook should not be placed inside a backpack. *
CHROMEBOOK HOME/SCHOOL STORAGE: Through awareness and understanding, we want to ensure that the Chromebook supports student learning and does not negatively impact the home environment. There are certainly cases where the Chromebook can be a big asset at home, but we want families involved in the decision on whether to bring them home or not. Now that you have read all of the Chromebook information, please indicate if you feel there is a need for your student's Chromebook to come home each night or remain at school. If you wish to have your student’s Chromebook remain at school during this school year, your student can store and charge the Chromebook in homeroom. However, if the decision is made to leave the Chromebook at school, it must remain at school. We are unable to accommodate students making day-to-day decisions about their Chromebooks going home or staying at school. *
CHROMEBOOK BATTERY CHARGING EXPECTATIONS: For each school day, the Chromebook must be fully charged and in the Chromebook carrying case provided by the school. If fully charged after school, the battery will last throughout the day. Chromebooks are considered part of students’ everyday school supplies. If students leave their Chromebook at home or the Chromebook battery is not charged properly, classroom specific computers may be used in cases where technology is critical to participate. Additionally, teachers may opt to provide alternative assignments/arrangements in these situations. Should the student repeatedly have an uncharged Chromebook or the Chromebook is repeatedly left at home, the Chromebooks may be required to remain at school. This will ensure that your student’s Chromebook is available for learning and is sufficiently charged, allowing your child to be properly prepared for class. *
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