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Fill in this form to book an appointment with us. We will not be able to have the appointment for every one as we are usually fully booked, ONLY those who meet our criteria will be approved for an appointment.

On your call, you will be talking to one of the VIP Partners. So this will be your opportunity to ask them everything you want to know about the VIP PARTNERSHIP.

With that said, also keep in mind, not everyone who wants to be in the VIP PARTNERSHIP will qualify. The reason is because Richard is very specific with the type of person he is willing to mentor and share his knowledge with.

So if you are going to be booking a call, please be respectful of our VIP Partner’s time, be sure to show up at the selected time.

Also keep in mind, the VIP PARTNERSHIP is NOT free. If you are not in a position to make a financial investment in yourself, do NOT book a time.Do not book multiple times. Also if our VIP Partners receive your application and feel like you are not a good fit, they may cancel your call.
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