Register to participate in Digital Influencers in Action Forum in Budva, June 18-19
150 participants from 22 countries will gather in Budva, Montenegro at Digital Influencers in Action Forum. At a two-day event, digital marketers, social influencers, analysts, entrepreneurs, journalists, and other professionals will have a chance to look at digital campaigns with social impact in a comprehensive way.

The first day will have 15 talks on various topics such as identifying and engaging influencers, amplifying the reach, influencers reputation and personal branding, monitoring campaigns’ impact and key metrics, fake influencers and negative influence, reaching audiences in a whole new way.

The second day will have interactive workshops, unconference, mini-fair, and mini-hackathon when participants will be offered to develop concepts of campaigns involving digital influencers. Workshop topics will address four themes: 1) Building trust between media, governments, and digital influencers; 2) Influencers management; 3) Campaigns for Children and Youth; 4) Influencers in countering disinformation.

The unconference will provide the audience an opportunity to briefly present, in connection to two broad topics:
1) Digital Influencers marketing for business;
2) Influencers campaigns for non-profits.

Mini-hackathon participants will be given an hour to come up with a concept of how to build a campaign involving digital influencers on a given topic:
1) Critical thinking
2) Inclusion and participation
3) Social entrepreneurship.

The interested organizations and initiatives will be able to present their campaigns in specially designed booths, increasing the level of interactivity and creative synergies.

In addition to different forms of discussion, Digital Communication Network plans to release its updated “Mapping Digital Influencers 2019” research covering 27 countries of Europe and Asia.

Key speakers include:

* ● Adam Harrell, NEBO Agency, USA
* ● Nazli Ozgur, influencer (230K+ followers), Turkey
* ● Emma Lacey-Bordeaux, CNN, USA
* ● Kamile Kaselyte, Co-Founder of KIKOINNE, Belgium
* ● Josh Druding, Director of Social Strategy | Epic Signal, USA
* ● Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder, FoxyMoron, India
* ● Bektour Iskender, Kloop, Kyrgyzstan
* ● Alex Negrete, Rise9 Media, Startup, Digital/creative Agency, Influencer Marketing Founder, USA
* ● Andjela Todorovic, Machine Learning Engineer at Createsi GmbH, Serbia
* ● Zain Velji, Partner + VP Strategy Northweather, Canada
* ● Irakli Porchkhidze, Vice President at Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies (GISS), Georgia
* ● Katarina Klingova, GLOBSEC, Slovakia
* ● Raluca Radu, Digital Marketing Strategist for #eCommerce, Romania
* ● Nikolai Taylor, Podcaster on @ChocolatePains, Founder & CEO of Viral Spark, USA
* ● Žiga Vrtačič, General Manager, Danes je Nov Dan, Ljubljana, Slovenia
* ● Veronica Bielik, Spotlight Agency, Poland
* ● Iliada Evangelia Kothra, Founder of living-postcards, Business Consultant, Greece

The Forum is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Office of Citizen Exchanges and coordinated by Digital Communication Network, an international association, connecting global influencers and communicators of the digital age and World Learning, a global NGO empowering people and strengthening institutions.

Digital Influencers in Action Forum does not cover travel or accommodation costs. There is no entrance fee but access is guaranteed only to those who pre-register

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Digital Influencers in Action Forum does not cover travel or accommodation costs. There is no entrance fee but access is guaranteed only to those who pre-register
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