TEDxDurango 2019 Speaker Application Form
The TEDxDurango 2019 theme is “Find the Humor.” We are looking for a variety of people with fresh ideas. The talks will touch a variety of emotions, including a touch of laughter, to create that special audience connection. Connecting your idea to the theme is intended to hold the day together for the audience.

What are we looking for in a speaker?

We are looking for:
Passionate never-before-seen presentations
People who have “Ideas Worth Spreading”
Ideas that can be shared in 15 minutes or less
Bold action takers with a deep knowledge on their topic
You must be able to answer the question:
What is the Idea that you have that is Fresh and Unique to You?

Our audience is NOT interested in:
Advice or “coaching” about how to live differently
Causes or charities looking for support
Professional or semi-pro “public speakers” who have given the same talk many times
Or personal observations from individuals
Sales pitches, unresearched or untested ideas, or generic ideas
Our audience attends to meet and learn directly from inventors, designers, and creators

TEDxDurango Speaker Application Form

Do you want to share ideas that innovate, inspire and excite? Are you looking for a chance to make a difference? TEDxDurango may be just the event for you.

This year’s theme is “Find the Humor.” This full-day event will feature a variety of idea-focused speakers sharing their ideas with a mix of humor and inspiration. All TEDxDurango talks will be filmed and placed on TEDx.com for the world to see. Don’t worry — we will coach each speaker to craft thought provoking TED talks that spark mind-blowing conversations.

If you have an “Idea Worth Spreading,” fill out the Speaker Application below today. All applications are due by July 29th, 2019 and will be reviewed by a selection committee.
The speaker committee will review your application and you will receive a response via email by August 19th, 2019. All fields are required.

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I understand that this is an application and does not guarantee that I will present or
perform at this or any other TEDxDurango event.

I may not promote any business or provide any special offers or discounts before, during
or after my talk at TEDxDurango.

I agree that decisions regarding the acceptance of my TEDx Talk are left to the discretion
of the TEDxDurango Curation Team.

If chosen as a speaker, I agree that I will have my talk memorized for the coaching, rehearsals and the event.

I understand that, if chosen, I will be working with the TEDxDurango Curation Team to edit and
polish my presentation as needed to reflect the TEDx license agreement terms and

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