Want to teach the SDGs?
Tell us more about what SDG resources, programs, or other support you need to introduce the SDGs at your school/university! Your response will help us create more meaningful SDG resources & programs.

Interested in an SDG Challenge or Curriculum for your school?
Contact Mario from Thrive => thrivecentro@gmail.com
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How does your school/university currently align and/or teach the SDGs? *
This can be anything from offering environmental clubs, classes related to the SDGs, having a sustainable building, etc.
What SDG resources/program are you most interested in? *
Thrive and Classtime are looking to offer the most useful SDG related resources/programs for educators. Choose all that you or your school/university is most interested in.
What challenges do you have with creating content relevant for your students?
For example issues with making it engaging, relevant to real-world problems, connecting with standards, etc.
What is your school's/university's budget for PD, curriculum, and other learning content? *
Thrive will use this to improve the pricing of the SDG programs offered. Convert to USD here: www.xe.com
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Any ideas, thoughts, or other feedback to improve the current SDG resource?
Your input will be valuable to help us improve existing SDG resources. How long did it take students to complete the Climate Action activities/discussions? Which of the SDG questions are unclear? Which questions are too difficult? Which questions need to be better aligned with NGSS or common core?
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