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The Communications Associate will join a fun, kind-hearted and energetic team excited about diversity, inclusivity, equity in the outdoors. They will work closely and collaboratively with the Outdoor Asian (OA) national team, which is currently an all-volunteer team based in the Pacific Northwest. We are excited about creating a community of Asian & Pacific Islanders in the outdoors and expanding the narratives of outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

The Communications Manager will become our go-to person and expert on communicating to the broader OA community, supporters and the public through social media platforms and our website. We meet in person as a team approximately once per month and correspond regularly over Slack most days of the week.

1. Initial responsibilities will include working with the OA national team to develop and manage OA's social media platforms and/or website. This includes creating a centralized structure for developing and publishing online content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and/or working with us to develop the OA website. This would also consist of developing frameworks so that content is consistent across platforms and local chapters, while reflecting OAs values of diversity, equity and inclusion, including racial justice, gender/sexual equity, anti-oppression and decolonization.

2. Over time, responsibilities may be increased depending on your interests and availability. These may include working with us to launch the OA blog; recruit writers and ambassadors who reflect the multi-faceted diversity of the API community; and streamline communication between state chapters, national leadership, and the wider OA community by developing a CRM database.

Desired Skills/Experience (not all elements are required)

-- Excellent interpersonal and oral/writing/listening communication skills; Ability to communicate in written and verbal language with a wide range of community members from diverse backgrounds; applicants from historically marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

-- Highly proficient at managing social media platforms and developing a diverse follower/community base, with special emphasis on Instagram.

--Proficiency in managing professional websites, using Wix or similar website editors.

-- Eye for aesthetic and design, ability to identify and create beautiful content.

-- Social media whiz. Ability to create funny memes and highly engaging posts is highly desirable. Ability to discern what content will make people laugh vs. offend them.

-- Ability to work collaboratively and interdependently in an organization with horizontal leadership and adapt to new and developing workflows and processes.

-- Ability to complete projects while balancing self care.

-- Passion for and track record of working on racial/social/environmental justice issues, intersectionality, anti-oppressive and decolonizing work, including around gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, class, race, immigration, culture, rural/underserved.



To create a diverse and inclusive community of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the outdoors.

What We Do:

1. We engage communities with locally-based trips, outings and workshops to inspire individuals and families in the outdoors.
2. We create a platform to lift up stories and histories of our communities to reflect on our ever-changing relationship to ecology and nature.
3. We connect individuals to a wide-ranging network to create API leaders in the outdoor recreation and environmental sectors.


-- Equity - to increase API access to outdoor recreation
-- Advocacy - to build API solidarity with Indigenous, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ/queer/trans communities
-- Representation - to augment and shift the narrative of the outdoors and conservation
-- Stewardship - to nurture a culture of conservation and respect for our ecological systems.
-- Education - to promote multitude ways of knowing and experiencing our environment through evidence-based scientific methods, spiritual and cultural knowledge
-- Community - Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community that provides space for our intersecting identities, of culture, language, citizenship status, (dis)ability, neurodiversity, gender, sexuality, class, race and age.

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FYI: Outdoor Asian is currently an all-volunteer organization.
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