PLA75 R2 GB Raffle
One entry per person, don't be a loser and enter multiple times, give everyone a fair shot please. Please drop your contact email (I don't need your paypal email), and you will only be contacted if you've won.

The 15 spots of the 4th mini round will be drawn on Friday December 18.

Price for the kit is $185 USD ($245 CAD) + Shipping. I ship worldwide, just be warned that shipping prices are a little high to places outside North America.
Email *
This is not a raffle for a free board, this is a raffle to win a slot to purchase a board (manufacturing capacity is limited right now, so I am only doing 10 orders at a time). Note that the PLA75 will be made indefinitely, so everyone who wants one will eventually get one as the draws progress. Please only enter if you plan to purchase the board. *
Reddit/Geekhack/Discord Name *
Skill Testing Question for the 16th spot (Round 4): Type something to make me laugh/smile - the winner of this will be chosen by which answer I like best.
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