Green Schools Water Survey
As you know the Green Schools Committee are working on the Theme of Water. The following is a survey on the use of water in your homes compiled by the committee. We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Do you take more baths or showers in your house?
How long do you take in the shower?
Do you know how long you spend in the shower?
Can you estimate how long you should be in the shower?
Do the boys or girls take longer in the shower in your house?
Do you leave the tap on whilst brushing your teeth?
Do you leave a jug or glass of water in your fridge?
Do you use the dishwasher when full?
Do you wait to put in a full load in washing machine?
Do you fill the kettle to the top every time you need to use it?
Do you have the ‘dual’ flush system in your toilets?
Do you know what ‘dual’ flush system means?
Do you have hippo bags in your cistern?
Do you know what a hippo bag is?
Do you have a water meter?
Do you read your water meter regularly?
Do you check for leaks?
Do you check to see if your taps are dripping?
Do you put oily or dirty waste water down the sink?
Do you have a well?
Do you collect rainwater in your house?
If YES, how
Your answer
Do you think you waste water?
How could you save water?
Your answer
Have you brought up the subject of water to your kids?
If so, what were their thoughts?
Your answer
We want to create a school slogan to promote saving water e.g. Water is cool, don’t be a fool. Could you help your child to write a slogan.
Your answer
Thank you for taking this survey.
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