HEFAS/UndocuSTEM Internship App for 2024-2025
About HEFAS:
HEFAS is a student led resource center, who serves undocumented, AB540 and/or low-income students. We provide opportunities and resources for students to foster their education, while supporting them individually, in the classroom, and in community. Our role is to help students navigate their college experience successfully, and become leaders in their community.

About UndocuSTEM:
HEFAS' UndocuSTEM is a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program in partnership with the STEM Success Program, to support and provide resources to make STEM more accessible for undocumented students. The UndocuSTEM aims to support undocumented students in the fields of STEM through accessibility, opportunity, and resources by creating a program that promotes equity, racial justice, leadership and career development.

About the Internship:
Paid interns at HEFAS and UndocuSTEM commit to and take on position and team responsibilities in projects and campaigns supporting and advocating for the undocumented community on and off of campus. HEFAS and UndocuSTEM interns will build student power, leadership skills, and be agents of change in this world.

HEFAS App Deadline for applying is May 12th at 11:59pm

HEFAS Positions:
1. Office Coordinator
2. Member Coordinator
3. Outreach Coordinator
4. Public Relations Coordinator
5. Mental Health Coordinator
6. Volunteer Coordinator

UndocuSTEM App Deadline for applying is May 19th

UndocuSTEM Positions:
1. Event Coordinator
2. Member Coordinator 
3. Public Relations & Outreach Coordinator
4. Volunteer Coordinator 
5. Research Coordinator

** If you are a returning intern DO NOT fill this form out. Please fill out this form instead: https://forms.gle/8eouphyJ2wDt745A8 **

For more detailed information about the internship positions, eligibility and stipend amount go to:

If you have any questions please contact Angélica Esquivel at esquivelangelica@deanza.edu

Allow yourself 30-45 minutes to complete.
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Minimum Requirements:
   - Have attempted fewer than 180 units combined at De Anza and Foothill College  
   - Have and maintain 6 units per quarter during internship
   - Minimum GPA of 2.0

If you meet all requirements please complete application below.

If you DO NOT meet all of the requirements, please still apply and contact Angélica at esquivelangelica@deanza.edu.
Application Summary: In this app you will find:
-Basic Information
-De Anza Snapshot
-Work/volunteer Experience
-Internship Choice
-Skills Survey
Basic Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Middle Name
Nickname/Alternate name
Student ID# *
Street Address *
City *
Zipcode *
Cell phone *
Use the Following Format: 555-555-5555
Birthdate *
De Anza Snapshot
Tell us a little bit about yourself as a De Anza College Student.
Year began *
If unsure of exact day, please just select "1" for the day.
How many quarters have you completed at De Anza? *
What is your educational goal? The following are related to degree attainment. *
Student employees are to be primarily pursuing an educational goal. Your educational goal choice WILL not be a deciding factor in your internship application. This is only to ensure each student has a goal selected as mandated by student employee guidelines. Check ALL that apply
Expected date of completion *
If unsure of exact day, please just select "30" for the day.
Major *
Do you have the LSC (Leadership & Social Change) certificate? *
Internships are a chance for students to apply their learning from VIDA's LSC courses to their internships
What De Anza leadership do you have? *
Select all that apply
Interns should be available to work for the full academic year for about 10 hours a week that includes weekly meetings.
Will you commit to the end of the Spring 2025 year? *
Will you be able to serve 6-10 hrs/wk including some evenings and weekends? *
If you want to intern for a number of hours that is different from the 6-10 hours a week standard, what would be your ideal number of hours to intern?
Range: 1-19 hours
Will you have another On-Campus job during the same time as this internship timeline? If so, where and for how many hours?
Example: Employed with outreach office for 10 hours/week. or "N/A"
Work/Volunteer Experience
Previous work and volunteer experience is not required.
Work Experience: Where/when have you worked? Briefly summarize your experience.
Example: Jamba Juice for 3 months in 2015- Provided customer service, cleaned; Unite Here for 1 year in 2014- Planned community rallies to unionize local hotels
Volunteer Experience: Where/when have you volunteered? Briefly summarize your experience.
Example: Veggielution for 2 Saturdays/month in Winter 2016- Assisted in spreading fertilizer and helped incoming volunteers to get started on projects
Extracurricular Activities
Please list any extracurricular activities in which you participate. This includes clubs, sports, orgs, etc.
What does social justice mean to you? *
What does being involved in the immigrant movement mean to you? *
Tell us about something you’ve done that you’re really proud of or a major challenge you had to overcome. *
(optional) Do you identify as the following?
If you do identify as Undocumented/AB540 Student, Please write a brief statement of how your situation has impacted your life and involvement in the community:
Tell us about yourself. *
Some people might share a snapshot that includes: past present future; goals, qualities about themselves, skills they are proud of.
Please list two references other than relatives or friends (References are people we can call to ask about your work ethic and behavior)
Reference 1: First & Last Name & title; email/phone; Relationship to you *
Example:   Umar Douglas, Counselor at De Anza; douglas555@sampleemail.edu 408-555-5555; Supervised me on while working on an outreach conference.
What would Reference 1 say about you?
Ex: Met deadlines; worked well on team with other students.
Reference 2: First & Last Name & title; email/phone; Relationship to you
Example: Jim Nguyen, Faculty at De Anza; ngujim@sampleemail.edu 408-555-5555; Was my instructor for Poli 3
What would Reference 2 say about you?
Ex: participated in class, turned in quality assignments
Internship Choice
Each student can only intern for one position. Please use this section to select your choice and share your passion and reasons for applying to be an intern.

For more detailed information about the internship positions, eligibility and stipend amount go to:

You can apply for either HEFAS OR UndocuSTEM. Please only apply for one at a time.
HEFAS INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS HAVE BEEN CLOSED- HEFAS position Selection What Internship Position(s) are you interested in? (Select all that apply) 
UndocuSTEM position Selection What Internship Position(s) are you interested in? (Select all that apply) 
Why did you choose to apply to HEFAS OR UndocuSTEM? *
What do you envision for HEFAS or UndocuSTEM in terms of workshops, events, services, and more?
By signing off, you authorize that you have provided answers that were true and complete.  Staff will review applications as they are received.

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