Big 6 Research Process Assessment
Please complete this assessment on the Big 6 Research Process.
1. Research is the end product of a ________________________ process. *
2. Libraries are arranged by _______________________ ? *
3. Task Definition is step 1: What is the information _________________ to be solved? *
4. Information Seeking Strategies: Explain what this strategy means? *
5. In reading and evaluating potential sources, you should not assume that something is truthful or trustworthy just because it appears in print or is on the Internet. *
6. Step 3: Location & Access: This is where you ___________________ the information from within the source. *
7. What part of an information book is located at the back and alphabetically assists in locating information? *
8. Research involves _________ of sources or evidence from different types of data. *
9. Step 4: Use of Information is where you engage with the information---such as? *
10. As you discover information and opinions about your topic, you should keep track of sources that you may use. The working MLA bibliography will eventually evolve into a list that appears at the end of your research called? *
Remember to also cite images, videos, and create a slide for your citations as well.
11. The three main types of notetaking are summary, paraphrasing and quotations. Why is notetaking important? *
12. Step 6: _________________ is about reflecting on my learning about the process and the product. *
13. It is critically important to evaluate your information source for which of the following factors? *
14. Quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing all require? *
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15. Writing essential questions and identifying keywords is an important part of research as well as reading to build your background knowledge.
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