Big 6 Research Process Assessment
Please complete this assessment on the Big 6 Research Process.
1. Research is the end product of a ________________________ process.
2. Libraries are arranged by _______________________ ?
3. Task Definition is step 1: What is the information _________________ to be solved?
4. Information Seeking Strategies: Explain what this strategy means?
5. In reading and evaluating potential sources, you should not assume that something is truthful or trustworthy just because it appears in print or is on the Internet.
6. Step 3: Location & Access: This is where you ___________________ the information from within the source.
7. What part of an information book is located at the back and alphabetically assists in locating information?
8. Research involves _________ of sources or evidence from different types of data.
9. Step 4: Use of Information is where you engage with the information---such as?
10. As you discover information and opinions about your topic, you should keep track of sources that you may use. The working MLA bibliography will eventually evolve into a list that appears at the end of your research called?
Remember to also cite images, videos, and create a slide for your citations as well.
11. The three main types of notetaking are summary, paraphrasing and quotations. Why is notetaking important?
12. Step 6: _________________ is about reflecting on my learning about the process and the product.
13. It is critically important to evaluate your information source for which of the following factors?
14. Quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing all require?
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15. Writing essential questions and identifying keywords is an important part of research as well as reading to build your background knowledge.
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