Sporting Hero Profile Piece
We are collecting a bank of sportsperson profiles to populate our Sporting Hero webpage which encourages supporters to "sponsor" a sporting hero on an inspirational Wall of Sporting Heroes that will be on display inside our Sports Performance Centre. The funds raised from this will play an instrumental part in our fundraising.

Would you like to nominate your own personal Sporting Hero/Heroine to include in this? It might not be an obvious celebrity choice, but perhaps a sportsperson that has used their influence to drive social change or support a cause. It might be a sports person that has achieved great individual success, or been instrumental in a momentous team effort! If you would like to submit something for us to use, please complete and submit this form. Thank you! Future sponsorship of your hero is completely optional!

If you would like to choose and submit a photo to accompany your profile piece, please send it to
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Name of your Sporting Hero
Why do they deserve "Hero/Heroine" status in your eyes? How do they inspire you?
Tell us about them. Some facts about their life that make up their profile.
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