High On Poems - Story Collection
Greatness in collaboration with Poetic Hour and other community organizations is holding a suicide, mental health advocacy and awareness event HIGH ON POEMS on September 23rd in Kisumu.

This event will use poetry, crafts, storytelling and other art forms to create awareness on the importance of topics surrounding suicide and mental health. September is suicide prevention month and the event seeks to end the stigma surrounding this topic by openly talking about it communally.

We invite you to share your experience with suicide either anonymously or not. This may include; personal struggles with suicide and suicidal thoughts, a loss of a loved one to suicide or caring for an individual who has been suicidal or is facing mental health strains. Your story will be used to educate, inform, inspire others walking the same journey.

By filling this form you give consent for Greatness and other collaborators in this project to share all or part of your submission, adapt it as artistic presentations or performances in the context of the project either digitally or during the in-person event. Please note that your name can be left out and you can indicate a nickname or submit as anonymous. 

If you have questions please reach Greatness at 0705616609 or navous@gmail.com
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