2019 Town Market on James Island Vendor Application

Dates...listed with movies below
Event Address: 1122 Dills Bluff Rd. James Island, SC 29412 (There are two entrances, one on Dills Bluff and one right next to 1101 Camp Road, right next to the First Baptist Landmark Church- you actually want the Camp Road entrance, as we block off the Dills Bluff one for tents.)

Hours: Set up time- 5pm-5:45pm (must be set up NO LATER than 6pm)
Market hours- 6pm- end of movie

Contact: Text message at 843-471-7845 / email: thetownmarketonjamesisland@gmail.com.
Fee: $40 for September market
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Join us for our monthly market located at the new Town Of James Island Town Hall...1122 Dills Bluff Rd. These will take place the last friday of each month, May-September. The hours are currentlly 6-9pm, but at dusk we will be doing movies, so we encourage you to plan to join us and stay open throughout the movie. There will be overhead lighting, but you may wish to bring extra ighting for your booth just to enure great visability!

In order to reserve your space, you must prepay for your spot. Please note, we will not charge your card unless we guarantee your spot. If you have been selected, you will receive an email letting you know you have a secured spot at the market you choose.
*If inclement weather is coming, we will give you as much of a notice as possible that we will be closed or reschedule the event. Many of these will most likely not have to be reschedued due to rain because we do have the option to move inside!
* If you prepay and do not show, you will not be refunded. If you must cancel due to an emergency, you must do so 48 hrs in advance. We reserve the right to not refund your fee if you do not follow policy.
*We reserve the right to refuse vendors and/or ask you to leave during the market for any just reason.
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