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Launched in 2018 by deeply concerned tech ex-insiders — including world-renowned design ethicist Tristan Harris (called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience” by The Atlantic magazine) and highly-acclaimed technology investor Roger McNamee — the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to realign technology with our humanity.

We’ve had tremendous momentum and impact to date, including:

- Driving a cultural awakening through massive media coverage that has reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide
- Applying political pressure by advising global heads of state and policymakers
- Cultivating pivotal insider relationships with tech leaders and technologists, including propagating core messaging to support the launch of digital well-being initiatives by Google, Apple, Instagram, and Facebook

The massive urgency of our work is driven by a nuanced and deep understanding of a global crisis that includes enabling addiction, undermining social relationships, spreading propaganda, and manipulating children, to name just a few examples. This is a massive, global problem that directly affects two billion people and counting.

- We're in an new era of world history where technology has become dominant, shaping our mental health, relationships, and understanding of the world.
- Today’s financially-incentivized technology platforms are built on personalized, artificially-intelligent algorithms that distort our choice-making and sense-making environments.
- We see evidence of social decay all around us: declining physical and mental health, damage to our social relationships, shortening of our attention spans, as well as polarization, disinformation, and the manipulation of democracies.
- These threats are increasing exponentially in scope and scale, far outpacing our human ability to respond as we suffer from their impact.

CHT’s ultimate aim is to drive a comprehensive shift toward Humane Technology by changing the way technologists think about their work and build new products.

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Now entering its second year, CHT is set to roughly double in size within the next year with continued growth projected ahead. We are looking for a energetic team builder and HR lead who will support our growing team and recruit new top talent. Reporting to the Head of Operations, CHT’s Manager of Culture & Talent will keep our culture lively and anchored in our core values, ensure that everyone is feeling empowered to do their best work, and onboard the people we need to carry out our vision.


Recruitment and Hiring
- Lead and execute the full range of HR duties, from identifying and scoping new roles to recruiting, hiring, evaluating, and retaining top talent
- Develop and make recommendations on organizational development and structure
- Leverage CHT’s network and reputation to cultivate an exceptional, world class, and values-driven team poised to drive comprehensive change

- Serve as the primary human resources contact for all team members
- Support smooth onboarding and training of new team members
- Foster a lively and values-driven culture as we continue to grow
- Ensure that team members have meaningful opportunities for constructive feedback, resolving any areas of tension, and that everyone feels encouraged to do their best work
- Identify and provide the team with training and professional development opportunities

Policy and Compliance
- Manage competitive compensation packages that include pay levels, benefits, perks, and opportunities for growth.
- Manage HR-related vendors for payroll, benefits, etc.
- Develop and implement an equity and inclusion policy
- Ensure complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements and advising senior leadership on needed actions


5+ years experience in Human Resources doing all or most of the following, ideally within tech:
- Recruiting and hiring
- People management
- Organization culture and professional development
- HR policy and compliance

Job Details
LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area

EMPLOYMENT TERMS: This is an employee position with an immediate start date.

COMPENSATION: We offer competitive compensation alongside the opportunity to help solve a pressing global problem.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

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