Epiic Solutions 2019 Financial Aid Application
At Epiic Solutions, our goal is to inspire the next gen of entrepreneurs and innovators. We believe that EVERY student should have these opportunities, regardless of income status. Epiic offers two financial aid packages for US high school students who are socio-economically disadvantaged and demonstrate financial need.

Financial Aid Application Deadline: March 31, 2019
Letter of Recommendation Deadline: April 15, 2019
Students notified of status by: April 30 (sooner if documents are submitted early)

To be eligible for a scholarship, applications must submit this form including their parent/guardian's most recent federal income tax return, pages 1-2 (PDFor photo and MAKE SURE to black out social security number and bank account information). Epiic Solutions also requires a letter of recommendation from a trusted adult, such as a teacher, coach or mentor (submitted separately by your recommender) for the application to be complete.

More about your letter of recommendation:
- Ask a trusted adult that can speak to your unique strengths as a student, ability to work as a team member and interests in entrepreneurship, innovation, or the particular week’s theme they wish to attend
- Ask BEFORE you submit this application!
- It is YOUR responsibility to share Letter of Recommendation details and deadlines with your recommender.
- Letters of recommendation should be emailed directly to Blake Sims at blake@epiicsolutions.org with “Letter of Recommendation for *STUDENT NAME*” as the subject line.
- Letters of Recommendation are due by April 15, 2019!

Scholarship applicants will be notified of their status by April 30, 2019 (or sooner).

If you have any questions please email Blake@epiicsolutions.org

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