2021 #1 Seed Voting Items
The online voting poll is open April 11, from 8 AM until 6 PM. All Seeders who participated in the 2020 season, and new Seeder's who've paid their 2021 dues are allowed to cast a single ballot.

Do not attempt to vote more than once. I track the attempts, and will only count the first one received.

The voting results will be posted on our site at 8 PM, Apr 11.
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Value of Points Earned If You Don't Attend The Pinehurst Trip *
At this time, all points earned are tripled for those who attend the Annual Pinehurst Trip. Those who don't attend and play locally only receive single points for wins. If you don't attend the trip and you play locally how much should your points be worth?
Limit Amount of Golf Played on Double Points Days *
Currently, there is no limit to how many rounds of golf can be played on our designated double point outings. Should we limit the amount of golf played for double point outings to one round per 24 hour period?
Should We Change the Cancellation/No Show Policy? *
Currently we’re required to give a two hour notice of cancellation, even on weekend & group outings. Some feel that's not enough notice to find a replacement player. Should the rule change?.
Cart Path Only Cancellation Policy? *
Currently there is no allowance for courses that announce a cart path only policy for play. If you arrive at the course and find they're enforcing the policy you're required to play, or forfeit the points to the players you're scheduled to play. Should you be allowed to cancel without penalty?
Round up Handicap Index? *
Currently if your handicap index is 10.6 we ignore the decimal point, and you play your opponent(s) as a 10 hcp. Should we change the policy and allow players to round up their handicap when the decimal is .6 and above? In this case the player would play as an 11 handicap.
Designate a Player in the foursome as the ball marker (rule 12-1,2)? *
Under Rule 15-1 A player must hole out with the ball he hits off the tee, except when the ball is lost, hit out of bounds or substituted. The standard penalty for playing the wrong ball is loss of two strokes, however if the player does not correct or acknowledge the mistake before teeing off on the next hole he is disqualified. This new proposed rule is intended to relieve any concern of players dropping balls. RULE: A designated player is responsible for marking his foursome’s balls and at any point in the match any player can request of another to see the marking on their ball. If the player can’t produce the ball, he is disqualified and loses all bets and points. Should we create such a policy?
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