Civic Satisfaction Survey | By GloPoll
GloPoll is an online polling app that gives you an equal and anonymous voice that influences issues of public importance. Thanks in advance for taking this survey to help us improve GloPoll.
Do you have lots of opinions?
Do you post or engage with social media posts having to do with social issues or politics?
How effective do you think your online engagement is at promoting your cause? (if applicable)
Not at all effective
Very effective
Do you participate in any online community forums (for example a forum for residents of your city?)
Do you ever refrain from saying what you truly think because you fear people will get mad at you?
Do you wish social media was better structured to convert your policy preferences into policy outcomes?
GloPoll is deisgned to convert your preferences into real policy. GloPoll posts and votes are anonymous so you can be honest without fear of consequences. GloPoll includes community forums for your city, state, and country where you can post your opinons and watch them gain traction and trigger real world action.
Achieving Online Change
Have you ever signed an online petition?
Have you ever created an online petition?
Do you think the best ideas should win, or the ideas that have the most money behind them should win?
Do you think it is fair that online petition companies ask the petition creator to pay money in order for the petition to get visibility?
Would you be upset to find out that a petition website was selling your email address to organizations so they could send you emails asking for money?
This shouldn't even need saying, but GloPoll will never sell your email address! We don't provide a paid-fast lane either. We think it's wrong that most social media platforms, ChangeDotOrg, and American politics give an unfair advantage to those with money. If we gave money to sports referees, judges, or politicians in exchange for preferential treatment, that would be corruption! At GloPoll, the best ideas win on their own merit.
Corruption: A problem?
Since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, corporations are now legally permitted to spend unlimited money influencing politics.
Do you think corporations should be able to spend as much money as they want influencing elections?
Do you think you should have to spend money to make your political preferences count as much or more than corporations?
Do you think money should be able to influence politics at all?
Do you think your elected leaders can take money from Big Pharma and represent you faithfully at the same time?
How serious of an issue do you think political corruption is in the USA?
Not an issue at all
The most serious of issues
Political Satisfaction
Do you vote regularly?
Do you think voting alone is sufficient to let your legislators know how to represent your interests and policy preferences?
Have you ever written to or called one of your legislators?
Have any of your legislators ever asked you for your input on a particular issue?
Respond to the following statement: "My representatives are working in my best interest."
Respond to the following statement: "My legislators know my policy preferences."
What do you find more satisfying?
Achieving the Ideal
GloPoll puts your opinions front and center. You and your peers decide what issues are most relevant to your community. Now you can have a voice on every single issue. Engaging directly with the issues says a lot more about your policy preferences than only showing up to a federal election every 730 days.
Would you like to have a say in how your government is run?
Do you think that on political issues, every voice should count equally?
How likely would you be to share your opinions online if you knew they could create real political change?
Would you be curious in anonymously sharing opinions and finding out if the world agrees with you?
In your view, what would make the world a better place?
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