The Call of the Wild Student / Guardian Contract
Hello parents / guardians and students of the cast of The Call of the Wild! I'm very excited to begin working on this awesome show!
However, before we begin, a few ground rules must be laid down.

1) Students must attend all scheduled rehearsals. This show differs from others, with full ensemble being called almost every day. I have taken into account all conflicts given - however, additional conflicts can muddy the rehearsal process. Remember, your presence affects your cast mates. Students are not allowed more than two unexcused absences.

2) Tardiness will be counted as an unexcused absence. Please be ready to work by 2:45pm. This includes gathering materials, changing into rehearsal clothes, ect. Rehearsals end at or before 5pm, to work with the activity buses.
2b) Please always have clothing to move in. Keep a set in a locker, bring it with you, whatever you need. Sandals, open toed shoes, skirts, dress shirts, ect, are not going to work with this show. You need to be able to move freely and be active on the ground.

3) Absences must be communicated to Mr Sullivan / the stage manager at least 24 hours before rehearsal. Of course, we will be as accommodating as possible - sickness, emergencies, and such come up - but you must do your part to communicate such events to me in advance. This includes academic emergencies such as after school study sessions or test retakes - let me know beforehand if you're going to be late for any reason.
3b) Due to the the casual treatment of attendance in past productions, I ask that you communicate needing to leave early from rehearsals at least 24 hours in advance. Repeated last minute occurrences of leaving rehearsal early will result in Mr Sullivan and the student sitting down to discuss the student's ability to further participate in the production. I understand many of you have jobs and other evening commitments. However, missing a quarter or more of rehearsal a couple times a week adds up, and sets the production back immensely. I have taken into account the conflicts on the audition forms. If there are any you neglected to put on there, please talk to me ASAP so we can figure out how to make things work!

4) Off book date (the date you must be memorized by) is the second time we do any scene / song / choreography. We want to make this show as great as possible, and we can't do that when worried about searching for lines, especially a physical show like this! Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a conversation with Mr Sullivan about further involvement in the production.

5) Tech week rehearsals are in the evening. More detailed info will be available on the schedule, but be prepared. You may NOT miss these.

6) Following the final performance will be a mandatory strike of the show. If you cannot attend, you MUST clear it with Mr Sullivan this week.

7) Please check the call boards, in the music lobby and online, EVERYDAY for updates.

8) Parents and students, please, do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. My email is

9) Make sure this form is signed NO LATER than 9/20, or you will not be allowed to attend rehearsal. Additionally, please pay your activity fee to Ms Six in the activities office by this Friday, .
I have read and agree to the terms above (Student AND parent/guardian FULL names below) *
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