2020 World Cocktail Battle Application form
The world's first on & off-line Cocktail contest! Be the main character of the stage.

* Personal information, such as phone numbers and e-mails, will be only for the competition and not for any other purpose.
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Affiliation *
Please fill out the name of the café, company etc. If you do not belong to any group, please write ‘Independent’
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Enter SNS address which you frequently use. (ex. Instagram @coffeetvnpeople)
Video submission method *
When submitting Youtube link, please provide the link below.
If you choose to submit via e-mail, please leave a blank.
The name of the cocktail *
The manufacturing process of cocktails *
Cocktail Material and Garnish *
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Participant's Guide
Read the following description for successful application.

1) If you have submitted Youtube link, please also send pictures of 1) a participant 2) cocktail
to wcb@coffeetv.org to complete the application.

2) If you submit via e-mail please attach
1- a demonstration video of cocktail
2- a picture of a participant and
3- pictures of cocktail to complete the application.

3) The registration will be finished after videos and pictures are comprehensively reviewed, and the status of your application will be notified through e-mail, mobile phone, SNS etc.
We kindly ask you for cooperation to fully complete the application process. If you do not complete the full process, the registration can be canceled.

4) If you do not receive an e-mail, which clarifies
There might be a systemic error. In this case, please contact wcb@coffeetv.org , and we will help you with your registration.

5) If you have any questions about other applications, please contact wcb@coffeetv.org and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.
Important notes to follow when filming
- Film yourself making your own creative cocktail
- The maximum length of the video is 4 minutes (If longer, there will be point deductions)
- Make sure all of your performance can be filmed well
- There is no regulations for low resolution videos, but it could have some effects when judging
- There is no need to include coffee
- There is no need for a background music or any explanation about the drink (The video will be on silent mode when judging)
– Fire cannot be used
- Various performance when making the cocktail could lead to some added points
- There will be automatic elimination if the video is edited or fast forwarded at any part
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