Video Presentation Evaluation
DIP - Presentation Videos Evaluation Rubrics
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You will be evaluating the interns on their Research Content based on the following:

(Problem - Research Question – Assumptions/Strategies – Data Collection Tools – Data Analysis - Research Results – Summary – Recommendations – Lessons learned)

- (8 Points) Sophisticated content; supported by extensive research; full mastery of subject matter

- (6 Points) Well-developed content; supported by relevant research; deep understanding of topic

- (4 Points) Limited or repetitive content; limited evidence of research; acceptable knowledge of the subject matter

- ( 2 Points) Superficial content; no evidence of research; little or insufficient understanding of the research question
ACTION RESEARCH CONTENT (choose the points based on the previous criteria) *
You will be evaluating the interns on their Organisation based on the following:

( Organised – Natural flow of Presentation [introduction, details, evidence, conclusion] - Timing)

- (8 Points) Dynamic introduction; logically and coherently sequenced ideas; exceptional details and evidence and effective conclusion; Presentation excellently timed(10 min)

- (6 Points) Attention-grabbing introduction; logically sequenced ideas; sufficient evidence ; interesting conclusion; Presentation well-timed (10 min)

- (4 Points) Good introduction; appropriately sequenced ideas; few details and evidence; good conclusion; presentation slightly over or under allotted time (10 min)

- (2 Points) Weak introduction; illogical ideas; little to no details and evidence; weak conclusion; presentation inappropriately timed (10 min)
ORGANIZATION (choose the points based on the previous criteria) *
You will be evaluating the interns on their Use of Language based on the following:

( Capitalized Titles – Correct Grammar – Related Vocabulary – No Spelling Errors – Clear and Confident Voice & Speech at a Good Speed & Volume)

- (4 Points) Clear, distinct voice and speech;subject-specific vocabulary (related to the intern’s department) poised, calm delivery; excellent rate, volume

- (3 Points) Clear voice and speech; very good choice of vocabulary (related to the intern’s department); calm delivery good rate, volume.

- (2 Points) Occasionally clear voice and speech; appropriate choice of vocabulary (related to the intern’s department), appropriate delivery, rate, and volume.

- (1 Point) Inappropriate voice; little clarity in speech; weak vocabulary (related to the intern’s department); unconfident delivery; inappropriate volume, rate.
USE OF LANGUAGE (choose the points based on the previous criteria) *
You will be evaluating the interns on the Visuals used based on the following:

( Presentation theme and layout - Personalized cover page – Pictures/Photos - Infographics - Videos - Charts – Font - Creativity)

- (5 Points) Highly engaging, supporting, creative, and professional formal visuals

- (4 Points) Engaging, relevant, supporting and good quality visuals

- (2-3 Points) Somehow engaging, average quality visuals offering little support to presentation

- (1 Point) Little to no interesting visuals; poor quality visuals
VISUALS (choose the points based on the previous criteria) *
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