Do you parish-hop?
The home parish plays a central role in the lives of Catholics around the United States. However, writer Nicole Perone says parish-hopping, or attending more than one parish at a time, can be equally as beneficial to your spiritual life.

"While my husband and I respect and celebrate this history of our Catholic identity, parish-hopping is not an indecisive game, flying in the face of the parochialism which, for better or worse, is a hallmark of Roman Catholicism," says Perone. "Rather, for John and I and many other Catholics experiencing moves and transitions, parish-hopping is a process of discernment while we seek community."

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1. I attend the same parish every weekend.
2. Having a home parish is a vital part of my Catholic identity.
3. My age range is . . .
4. Attending different parishes keeps me in the church.
5. I parish-hopped more frequently when I was younger.
6. I parish-hopped more frequently before I started a family.
7. Parish-hopping is more suitable for single people or couples without children than families.
8. Parish-hopping is an acceptable and normal part of exploring one’s faith.
9. People should not parish-hop.
10. I find community in places other than my parish.
11. I parish-hop, but I wish I didn’t have to.
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