2020 Scout Orienteering RSVP form
Using this RSVP form will get you an early bird discount, help you sign in more quickly at the event, and help us print the correct number of maps. Please note that you still need to fill out an actual registration form, waiver and make payment (check or cash only) the day of the event.

Teams are to be no fewer than two children and we suggest not larger than four. The intermediate level course is usually done as a pair of two scouts, and the advanced course done individually.

If you're not sure of the exact number of teams, no worries, just give us your best guess.

Each team will get 2 maps.

Please submit this form no later than FRIDAY APRIL 17, 1:00 PM.

Comments or questions? Please email the event director - johngo.pdx@gmail.com
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What type of youth group (e.g. Cub, BSA, BPSA, AHG, other) and what's the unit number (if applicable)? *
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How many teams will you have on the BEGINNER course?
How many teams will you have on the BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE course?
How many teams will you have on the INTERMEDIATE course?
How many individuals will you have on the ADVANCED course?
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