2019 Mentor PSS & inFact Seminar
地點 Venue: 新竹喜來登飯店 Hsinchu Sheraton Hotel
日期 Date:2019年04月25日(星期四)
時間 Time:09:30AM ~ 04:35PM

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It’s time to take the next step in Verification Productivity!!!

Designs continue to grow in size and complexity and it is no longer feasible to create separate tests in UVM, C or any other environment at each stage of your verification as you go from block- to system-level.

Today’s verification entails running on different platforms, from virtual prototyping to simulation, emulation, FPGA prototyping and even silicon, each of which requires its own environment. The key to productivity is to reuse test intent seamlessly throughout the process.

What Will You Learn
This technical seminar will tell you everything you need to know about the Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus Standard, which was developed specifically to address this verification challenge.

Matthew Ballance, Product Engineer and Portable Stimulus Technologist, from Mentor who are leading participants of the Accellera Portable Stimulus Working Group will provide a detailed look at how the new standard allows you to specify your verification intent at an abstract level to make you more productive in creating scenarios.

You’ll also see how Portable Stimulus can be used on real-life examples to generate coverage-driven tests in multiple output formats, including UVM and C.

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