BoxBot Staff Application
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By submitting a staff application, you acknowledge that...
While you are waiting for a response, you should not ask a staff member to review your application.

If you are accepted:
• You should be professional and mature when dealing with situations.
• Breaking the rules could lead to you being removed from the staff team.
• You will need to learn the staff commands, which you will find in the #staff-help channel.

If you are declined, you should wait at least two weeks before applying again or risk your application being immediately denied.

The amount of bot and server punishments you have received will be taken into consideration when reviewing your application.
• You must have played BoxBot for at least one week.
• You must be at least fifteen years of age.
• Your application must be original and not plagiarised.
• You must be active on the Discord server and help answer questions in the support channels.
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Tips and Notes
• Please expand your answers wherever possible. We'd like as much information from you as possbile! :)
• Please allow up to two weeks for a judgement of your application. We want as many staff as possible to give their perspective on a candidate before we accept or deny them.
• These applications are to apply for the support role on the Discord server. After becoming support, you can work your way up to moderator depending on your performance as support.
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