2017 Denver Decomp FIRE Performer Application
THERE ARE A COUPLE OF 8 PM and 12/1 AM slots available if you fill this out at this time.
Filling this application out is the only way to be considered to perform FIRE at Denver Decomp. If you are performing without fire, you have the wrong form :-) Filling this out does not guarantee placement, that will be based on the number of applications received.
Applications are accepted until September 10, 2017.
Performer tickets are available.
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Are you a group or a solo performer? *
If you are a solo performer are you open to spinning with another solo performer?
Do you have a safety? *
Trick question, you must have at least 1 safety per 2 active fire spinners
Please describe your performance *
i.e. are you a conclave. If you are a solo performer, what props? Also, if you are a solo performer, what other types of performers do you feel you could spin well with (it can just be spin jam style).
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Per the sound ordinance, music will only be played outside until 10 PM. The 9-10 PM slot is for people who ned set music. It has been filled at this point. People can spin until 1:30; however, there will not be amplified sound after 10 PM. *
How long is your performance? *
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What time slots are you willing to perform? *
You will only be considered for time slots you select, so please select all that are available. To my knowledge, children will not be permitted past 10 pm, so keep that in mind if you have minors.
What is your preferred time slot? *
I will do my best to accommodate this
Anything additional you want to say?
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