SMESEC - SMEs' Cybersecurity Watch
General survey
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The survey intends to identify, in less than 10 minutes, the cyber threats you are exposed to and the status of your organisation concerning cybersecurity. Your contribution will help in bringing together the facts from small and medium-sized enterprises. We will use the information to inform about the state of cyber threats across industries and guide the development of lightweight answers for thorough protection.

We simplified the questionnaire as much as possible. Even if you are not a cybersecurity specialist, you can easily answer them. An optional, more technical part of the survey is also available for the person responsible for cybersecurity in your organisation. Fill it out to get ideas of what cybersecurity is about!

All data will be treated anonymously and analysed in a continuous report available on the project website.

SMESEC is a European research project funded by the European Commission under the Grant Agreement 740787 and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) under contract number 17.00067. The project aims at supporting SMEs in the area of cybersecurity offering two different tools: on the one hand a cybersecurity framework offering state-of-the-art tools and on the other hand cybersecurity training and awareness courses.
About You
What is the job title stated on your business card?
Are you responsible for the cybersecurity of your company?
Clear selection
Did you receive any training in the field?
Applies to you as a person and not to your company.
Clear selection
Your pseudonymous identifier
Create here a unique anonymous identifier that you remember and reuse in future questionnaires as long as you stay with the same company. E.g. compose the identifier with the month and day of your birthday and the place on earth with your best memories (example: 1105rapperswil). The identifier will allow us to study trends over time.
Your Company's Profile
We anonymise and summarise the responses. No conclusions can be made about an individual company.
Company Size
Choose the smallest size for which all criteria apply.
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Type of Business
Please indicate the business models that contribute with >20% of the turnover of your company. You may select multiple entries. Examples and more information:
Physical, devices
Software, SaaS
Data, digitally encoded knowledge
Humans, experts, person-hours
Developer, inventor
Producer, manufacturer
Reseller, distributor
Service-provider, lessor
Domain of Business
Please indicate the main business domain of your company.
Cyber Threats
Please judge the following statements.
Your company considers itself to be a target for hackers.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
What cyber attacks or data breaches did your company experience in the past 12 months?
One answer per row.
Almost never
I do not know
Severe attacks (threat to your operations)
Moderate attacks (requiring dedicated attention)
Mild attacks (without significant impact)
Clear selection
What were the consequences of the attacks on your company?
Multiple answers possible; some are exclusive.
Your company is worried about cyber threats.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
In comparison to 12 months ago, your company's worries about cyber threats changed as follows.
Much less concerned
Much more concerned
Clear selection
Your Company's Protection and Practices
Please consider the opinion of your company as of today.
Your company can well mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks.
Please judge the statement.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
Your company can easily recover from a cyber attack.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
Your company has a systematic approach to ensuring cybersecurity.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
Sources of knowledge about cybersecurity
Please judge the attractiveness of the following sources for your company.
Unattractive (1)
Attractive (5)
Web pages and forums
Own research
Newspapers, radio, and television
External experts
Online courses, webinars, and videos
Classroom courses, workshops
Clear selection
Who does cybersecurity for your company?
Multiple answers possible; some are exclusive.
What budget is allocated to cybersecurity?
Select the closest fitting number.
Clear selection
Improving Cybersecurity
Your company may consider slowing or pausing operations for some days and improve cybersecurity.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
How could your company improve cybersecurity?
Multiple answers possible; some are exclusive.
Are you the cybersecurity responsible in your company and want to help us with answers to technical questions? *
If there is no cybersecurity responsible in your company, you are also kindly invited to do the technical part (please select "Yes" below). "I do not know" will be allowed, and all questions will be optional.
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