CARES Act Funds for Students Feedback
GSU is concerned with who has been eligible to receive access to CARES Act HEERF funds recently announced by UChicago's administration. In order to determine our course of action, we are asking how these funds have been made available to individual students and workers. GSU will maintain strict confidentiality with this information, and it will only be made available to organizers and committee members working directly around messaging and any future actions regarding CARES Act funds disbursement.

On June 4, 2020 Provost Ka Yee C. Lee and Dean of Students in the University Michelle Rasmussen contacted all University students to alert them of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) HEERF (Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund). These funds stand separate from the University's assistance provided through the existing mechanisms like the Emergency Assistance Program.

The University accepted $6.2 million and chose to direct the total amount toward the HEERF to students, which includes the $3.1 million of CARES Act funds that the government allocated to cover institutional costs. In recent weeks, the CARES Act funds have been distributed as grants to students who were 1) determined to be eligible for funds based on the greatest financial need (Title IV-eligible students), and 2) submitted an application and were approved for funding. If you were determined to be an eligible student, you received a separate email regarding the application process.

The deadline to submit an application was June 13, 2020 and therefore, you may not have received a decision yet.
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